Jammers: High-density objects can block 4G networks and sound alarms

Once they become true secret agents or tools only available to the armed forces, but for those who are not familiar with mobile phone jammer, they know that they are special electronic devices that allow you to jam the frequency of your smartphone.

When sold on the Internet or in specialized stores, the jammer will prohibit the use of GSM, wifi, 3g, 4G and GPS frequencies that we usually use with various TIMs, Wind Tre and Vodafone. Their operation is to send out radio waves that dominate and disturb signals used for phone calls or satellite tracking.

cheap car gps anti tracker jammer

The difference between a cheap jammer and a high quality jammer is the coverage, the power of the noise signal and the number of existing antennas. Once activated, the tool starts to fill the required interference signal frequency with a 180-degree range.

The power of the jammer is expressed in watts or decibels, and the number and type of antennas will affect the coverage and interference range. However, it is precisely because jammers are spreading on the Internet at a price that everyone can obtain, people have tried to prevent this phenomenon by effectively detecting countermeasures for frequency jamming equipment. They are called “anti-jamming devices” and they send alarm inputs when they detect disturbing electromagnetic radiation in the surrounding environment.

Devices that force mobile phones to silence

As cell phone use in public places has soared, making it impossible to endure listening to mid-conversation, a small but growing band of rebels is turning to a slightly drastic solution: the mobile phone jammer, a device which completely cancels the signal transmission of all mobile phones.

GPS cell phone blocker

Jammer technology is not entirely new, jammer exporters from overseas say the demand for jammer devices is increasing every day and they are sending more than 100 a month to the United States – prompting a close scrutiny of the matter by the federal controller and raising the interest of the telephone industries. Consumers include owners of coffee shops and hairdressers, hotels, theater operators, bus drivers and, increasingly, commuters.

The development is igniting a battle for airspace control, within earshot. And the damage will have a side effect. The insensitive chatterers impose their noise on the defenseless who are therefore forced to endure all the noise in silence. While the jammers punish not only the person responsible for the noise, but also the one who talks on the phone in a confidential way.

“If there is one thing that characterizes the 21st century, it is surely our inability to control ourselves for the benefit of others,” said James Katz, director of the Rutgers University Mobile Communications Studies Center. “The one who talks on the phone thinks his rights outweigh those of everyone else around him, while the one who carries the jammer in his pocket thinks his rights are more important.”

Wireless jammer technology works by emitting radio signals so powerful that cell phones are, therefore, canceled and are no longer able to communicate with cell phone towers. The range of action of a jammer varies from a few centimeters to several meters, and the devices cost from $ 50 to several hundred dollars. The larger devices can be left on to create a real off-limit zone for mobile phones.

wifi blocker device

The use of jammers is deemed illegal on American soil. The radio frequencies used by telephone users are protected, just as are the frequencies used by radio and television broadcasters.

The Federal Communications Commission argues that people who use jammer devices can be fined up to $ 11,000 for just the first offense. The Commission’s enforcement office has sued a handful of American companies, found guilty of supplying the devices – and not only that, but also the one who uses the jammers.

“Investigators from the Commission and Verizon Wireless visited a well-known upscale restaurant in Maryland last year,” says the owner, who refuses to disclose the name, and confesses to buying a jammer for $ 1,000. because he was tired of seeing his employees with their eyes on their phones rather than on customers.

“I told them: put away your phones, put them away, now” but they ignored him.

The owner said that Commission investigators stayed for about a week, looking for jammers using special equipment. But the owner had already turned them off.

The work of the Verizon investigator, as well as that of the Commission, proved fruitless. “Yes he went to anyone in the city and gave them his number, saying to warn him immediately, in case they had difficulty making calls” claimed the owner, who reveals, since that moment, that he has stopped using the jammer.

The emergence of jammers makes cars safer

Coaches are another important example of trackers installed in cars. Some truck drivers provide temporary information to customers so that customers can check the location of the truck and better take care of the cargo. Customers can log into the site and check the location of the truck as it can reach the destination in real time. This reduces or eliminates the update information of the location of the truck driver. Truck drivers can also benefit from the fact that customers know when they are coming and are ready to ship. In addition, a tracking device is installed on the long-distance truck, and the safety of the cargo can also be known. If the truck is hijacked, the location of the truck can be known based on the tracking, then the cargo can be stored.

The 5G cellular standard has a data rate of 10 gigabits per second, strong network reliability, and precise positioning accuracy. Knowledge of positioning is a basic requirement for many new markets, so positioning is considered to be one of the important components of 5G mobile network system design. The cellular industry is implementing a long-term evolution, which can be called the evolution of old ordinary LTE and the combination of “real 4G” mobile broadband. The demand for new mobile communication systems is increasing and there is a need to further improve the signal function of the network, which is the future fifth generation (5G) cellular network system. Experts say 5G can handle communications 10 times faster than 4G. Enough to download 3D movies within 30 seconds from 5G network. The current 4G network will take at least six minutes.

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The mobile phone is a great tool of invention, whether for work or people’s life, but it is always exposed to such things, which inevitably leads people to misunderstand it. Is this situation in your family? Does your child stay up all night with a cell phone? If so, I suggest you purchase a mobile phone jammer to avoid this behavior. It is not a healthy lifestyle. On the one hand, the main goal of children is to learn and not to spend all their energy on the Internet. On the other hand, the physical and mental development of children is not healthy, and excessive use of cell phones will affect their healthy growth.

The shielding effect is related to the performance of the mobile jammer

Some smartphones cannot receive signals. This is a necessary measure for people with reduced mobility. It is a jammer which can block radio waves from mobile phones and PHS. It is used in many places. It is a device that interferes with radio waves from cell phones by emitting special “radio wave suppression”. The radio waves from the smartphone may be cut off. From a human point of view, it will disable functions of the device due to interference, thus keeping it silent. If you want to use a portable signal jammer, it has a wide range of work. Jammers have many advantages. As a customer, it is necessary to take full account of the stability of equipment performance. With the improvement of the shielding effect, it can be considered that it is perfectly suited to various fields of application. As the level of shielding technology improves, the interference effect will also increase. You have to think about how to buy this Phone Jammer. You need to pay attention to the quality issues. The degree of signal blocking effect depends on the performance stability of the jammer. We make full use of online platforms. It can perfectly meet the needs of your business.

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The technical characteristics of smartphones have their advantages and disadvantages. Some people abuse technology. In some cases, personal data can be recovered. Provide products on how to protect your privacy. The easiest and cheapest method. Provide interference No one can protect it. It can be said that with the popularity of mobile phones, satellite jammers are increasingly needed. This device uses proprietary technology to prevent interference by improving the accuracy of radio wave output and cutting radio waves leaking to surrounding frequencies. Some people waste time. Unnecessary malfunctions can occur. To avoid this situation, I developed a jammer. You can block the phone signal if needed. With Jammer, you have enough time to communicate with your friends without encountering any problems or worries. WIFI signal jammer is an important product of modern people. Children should focus on learning. It’s time to try a multi-functional mobile jammer. You can use it to avoid phone noise.

Unusual. A jammer to prevent phone use in class

Drunk that her students prefer their cellphones to her, Marie (1), a teacher in a Sarthe high school, ordered a jammer on the internet. She has been using her “toy” for over a year and a half.

Just type “cell phone jammer” into a search engine, and the object of the crime appears. Fed up with her students handling the keyboard “under the hood”, she decided to do the same. “I activate it with classes that annoy me, I hide it with a notebook, usually. Cellphones in class are a real problem, and the students have lots of techniques, they hide it behind a bag, a pencil case, in the pockets of a baggy, “she said.

The principle is simple: the signal blocker sends waves which block network reception. “It’s very funny, the students all tend to move closer to the windows, hoping it works better,” Marie jokes.

wifi bluetooth blocker

The use of a wireless jammer in France is punishable by a fine of 450 euros, as only prisons and theaters are allowed to equip them. Marie bought a small one, at the scale of her class, “although it does not work well in the back rows,” she jokes.

The small forbidden box cost him 60 euros, an investment. “My students don’t know I have one, of course, so they try to get their cellphones out anyway, I don’t do that to annoy them a bit and it works,” says the teacher.

Marie has never been grilled by her young people, although some have been suspicious. “It’s weird, it’s only in your room that you don’t get,” dared a group of girls. And in these cases, she feigns innocence: “Look, I don’t know.”

InfiniDome carried out a live demonstration of its GPS interference / spoofing protection for autonomous vehicles on site

CAESAREA, Israel, June 25, 2019 / PRNewswire / – infiniDome Ltd., the Wireless Security Company, held a live demonstration of GPS interference / spoofing protection for a self-driving autonomous car on June 11 at the EcoMotion Main Event at The Centerpiece of the international future mobility conference, the EcoMotion Week 2019.

In the demonstration, the BWR self-driving car was operating in the conference demo center when a nearby handheld gps jammer was activated and the navigation functions of the autonomous car were deactivated. Then infiniDome CTO could easily connect the GPSdome protection solution, and the same autonomous car with the same GPS system could not only detect the jamming attack, but also maintain the GPS signal and navigation functions during the jamming attack.

handheld gps signal jammer

“In our live demo, we presented our proven solution for protecting GPS-based systems from nuisance attacks from major players in the industry, some of which are key partners with DRIVE (the automotive accelerator in TLV to which we are a part),” said Omer Sharar, CEO of infiniDome. “The competitive advantage of our cyber solution is that the GPS signal is preserved during these attacks. Unlike the competition, our approach is not only to detect the attacks, but also to protect them. We strongly believe that the autonomous car cannot stop by the side of. ” The road, when attacked, must go on. ”

“The EW (Electronic Warfare) approach of our GPSdome protection is a breakthrough in the field of autonomous cars,” said Moshe Kaplan, CTO of infiniDome. “We are advancing our technology to fully protect the autonomous car from interference and spoofing attacks from other wireless communications it depends on, such as 5.9 GHz (used for V2X communications) and its cellular connection to the world.”

“GPSdome is field-tested and is supplied to numerous customers around the world,” said Ehud Sharar, President of infiniDome. “Our commercial product is a technology that will allow the industry to continue to rely on the availability of GPS for navigation, sensor fusion and V2X that simply won’t work without GPS.”

infiniDome Ltd. offers front-end cyber solutions that protect wireless communication from interference and spoofing attacks. The company’s first product, GPSdome, protects against interference and spoofing of GPS-based systems, which are critical to autonomous vehicles, drones and connected fleets. GPSdome has proven itself in the field and is sold to customers worldwide.

Cell phone jammers installed in Paris Health Prison

The Paris establishment, which has been closed for several years, is now “opening” its doors again and is now equipped with a new system of cell phone jammer, with fixed telephones installed in the cells.

Inaugurated in 1867, the 2.8 hectare health prison in the heart of the 14th arrondissement of Paris had become the most blatant symbol of the decay of French prisons over the years.

Camouflage handheld phone jammer

Healthcare, closed for several years for work, is reopening today by incorporating an important technological development at the prison universe level that, if it worked, could be used in other facilities.

In 2017, 40,067 phones and accessories were confiscated from the 70,000 inmates in 180 French prisons.

In addition, the government stated that the disruptive systems were largely ineffective.

During the renovation of the health prison in Paris, the authorities decided to develop and maintain a brand new jamming system for mobile phones for six people for the French company SAGI.fr.

At the same time, landline phones are now installed in the cells.

Telio, one of the leading European companies in this sector, has been granted a public-law license for landline telephony for ten years, reports the AFP.

“Access to the landline phone in the cell is an appeal to the detention center.

Detainees can call their families without restriction, “said the director of the institution, Christelle Rotach, quoted by the AFP.

Prisoners can only call pre-approved numbers.

No telephone will be installed in the isolation or disciplinary rooms.

In the case of landline telephones, Telio finances the entire investment and is compensated for by the price of calls paid by prisoners.

The cost of calling a landline is 0.08 euros per minute and 0.18 euros for a mobile phone on mainland France.

Will Israel buy $ 50,000 worth of portable anti-drone vests?

The IDF and Israeli police are considering purchasing personal anti-drone systems at a cost of $ 50,000 each, Calcalist reported.

The vests were made by the Israeli startup SKYUP, part of the Avnon Group, and have already been sold to the US Army and NATO forces.

Enemy drones have become a growing threat and unlike in the past when they were only installed in vehicles, there is now a need for personal equipment for soldiers and police officers to protect them from the threat of drones. According to SKYLOCK, the portable systems, which weigh just 1.5 kilograms, can neutralize any drone within a kilometer.

3 bands uav blocker

The vests are equipped with a drone detector and an drone jammer. Upon notification of a UAV in their vicinity, carriers can activate the anti-drone jammer.

The vest is intended for use in situations where traditional anti-drone products normally installed in buildings or vehicles are not suitable due to the need for a mobile protection system, e.g. B. at special units of the army or guards of the president.

Analysis: Mini GPS jammer

If you spend enough time browsing eBay to break down interesting electronic gadgets, you’re bound to see suggestions for some questionable gadgets. This is how I recently became aware of these tiny GPS jammer that plug directly into an automotive 12v socket. Delivered to your doorstep for less than $ 10, it seemed like a perfect device to rip open in the name of science.

pocket gps signal jammer

Now you may be wondering what legitimate uses such a device could have. As far as I know there aren’t any. The only reason you’d want to interfere with GPS signals in and around a vehicle is if you’re trying to get away with something that you shouldn’t be doing. Perhaps you’re driving a haunted company car and want a quick two hour nap in a parking lot, or you might want to disable the car’s built-in GPS that you stole just long enough for you to take it to the car store. You know how to do it.

However, we are not going to delve into the potentially nefarious reasons this device exists. Hackers have never been too picky about the devices they investigate and experiment with, and there is no reason why we should start now. Instead, let’s take this gray area hardware for a test drive and see what moves it.

While the GPS constellation’s average altitude of 20,200 km (12,550 miles) may not be quite as high as that of communications satellites in geosynchronous orbit, they are still quite a long way off. Given this incredible distance and the size of the antenna on most GPS equipped devices, it’s no wonder the received signal is very weak. So weak, in fact, that it is generally below the noise floor. Only with clever algorithms and a dash of wizardry can your phone turn that whisper from the stars into something that resembles useful information.

It is this fragility that makes this type of inexpensive jammer possible. It doesn’t take much to overwhelm the legitimate signal. Remember, a device like this does not attempt to mimic a GPS satellite, but simply emits loud enough nonsense that the real satellite can no longer be heard.

When the jammer is on, we can clearly see how the already meager signal is absolutely wiped out by the patterns sent by the device.

There is just no competition. The legitimate signal is tens of thousands of miles away, and this thing is screaming its head within easy reach. I haven’t tested the range of this device, mainly because I didn’t want it to be turned on for longer than necessary, but it is capable of doing the deed at least several meters.

What are cell phone jammers trying to tell us?

Cell phone jammers prevent phones from working. They are used in cars, public places and exam halls.

Jammers are not new – they have been around for years – and they are illegal in many countries, including the United States, but jammers are becoming increasingly popular.

But are phones really the problem? And are jammers really the solution?

I think cell phone jammers are being used as a patch, the wrong solution, to solve three societal problems that should be solved by much better technology.

Here are the three biggest problems cell phone jammers are trying to solve, and what I think are the better solutions.

The “phones are dangerous” problem

A Florida man named Jason R. Humphreys wanted to save lives by preventing people on his daily commute from using their phones while driving. So Humphreys installed a cell phone jammer on the back of the passenger seat of his SUV. As far as Humphreys knew, the program worked for two years. But the police, whose own communications were occasionally interrupted by his jammer, were less than enthusiastic. So they tracked him down and caught him two years ago. Last week, he was fined $ 48,000 by the Federal Communications Commission for violating US law against jamming devices.

newest hidden mini cell phone interference

As I said at this point, I think that drivers distracted with smartphones would be distracted by something else without smartphones. In other words, smartphones don’t cause accidents, humans don’t.

The terrible reality is that human drivers kill around 1.24 million people worldwide every year. That is a far higher annual rate than the number of people who die in wars.

Humphreys’ misguided act was the wrong solution to the problem. What we really need is to switch to self-driving cars as soon as possible. The sooner we do it, the more lives will be spared.