Signal jammer can help prevent cell phone use

Definition of interference equipment: A signal jammer is a device that emits radio waves in the same frequency band as mobile phones and other devices. After installing the machine, the phone will not be in the service range. You cannot make or receive calls. During this time, with the rapid popularity of smartphones and other devices, I felt uncomfortable with cell phone ringtones in cinemas, cafes, museums and concert halls.

There are many situations that bother other people. There are bad behaviors, such as cheating on a mobile phone at the test site, creating unfair results. In addition, sensitive information may leak in sensitive locations such as military bases and government agencies, and hospitals also need to provide patients with a tranquil environment. Using a signal jammer can prevent ringing and talking on the phone, prevent cheating, prevent the leakage of private and confidential information, and prevent radio noise.

The radio waves from the base station are blocked, so that the mobile phone and the base station cannot be connected normally, and the terminal cannot be used. The phone is disabled. This means that you can make and receive calls temporarily.Cut-off signal: Compatible with GPS / 3G / 4G / CDMA / GSM / DCS / PHS / Wi-Fi.

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