The use of signal blockers is very common in life

In recent years, with the rapid popularity of mobile phones, smart phones are very convenient because they can answer calls anytime, anywhere. On the other hand, in public places such as movie theaters, ringtones emitted by mobile phones and other devices usually cause trouble to others and affect others to watch movies. By using a jammer that suppresses cell phone signals, inconvenience due to ringtones can be prevented.

In order to maintain a quiet environment and prevent harmful mobile phone radio waves, signal jammer devices have been introduced in many places. We will briefly introduce examples of installing interference equipment. During theater playback, there is a phenomenon where someone’s mobile phone rang during playback. In order to avoid disturbing others, we used anti-jamming equipment in the lobby. The device is designed to eliminate radio waves from mobile phones in the area and not in the service area. Since the mobile phone radio wave control device emits stronger radio waves at the same frequency as the mobile phone base station, the mobile phone receives 3G / 4G phone interference radio waves as if from the base station.

There is an example of installing a signal jammer around an ATM. Each bank posted posters around the ATM to prohibit the use of mobile phones. To prevent Telecom fraud, we introduced a device that prevents the use of mobile phones around ATMs to protect citizens ’valuable assets.

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