Universal WiFi jammer protects personal privacy and security

Frequently heard complaints violate privacy, and we have nothing to hide from other people and spy organizations. For example, NSA. Therefore, we decided to provide various interference devices (wifi jammers) to protect the privacy of your shopping and not harm others. First of all, please note that WiFi signal interference equipment may also be a weapon in the hands of the bad guys.

We will explain the equipment used to track, eavesdrop and collect your specific data from dangerous equipment. Examples include login passwords, emails, and well-known dangerous devices (such as smartphones). Regardless of the manufacturer, its mobile operating system is always running. Modern smartphones are dangerous. In short, this smartphone records all our private data. For example, personal information, registered account, friend’s phone number, etc.

I think this is why hackers are looking for new ways to break into your phone. If the report about the secret service is true, the US Security Agency may monitor your phone, which is the easiest and fastest way to win a lot of data, which is the most dangerous at the same time. But you can do nothing. In addition to the use of such small functions, encryption cannot protect the data on the mobile phone from antivirus and firewall.

Moreover, all encryption steps are very complicated and most people cannot use it. There are two options here, and maybe some help in hiding your information. One is to operate and purchase a wifi jammer. In a short time, it can help you and hide your information, but during this time, your phone will be temporarily unable to make or receive calls. Another approach is to avoid storing private and valuable information on smartphones or tablets. These two methods can prevent data leakage.

Secondly, what you need to worry about is the wireless network. They are unreliable. Most smartphone users connect to free Wi-Fi hotspots in public places and use it to scan and browse the Internet and update and process bank information. This is dangerous. , Especially Android users. The Android operating system is not SHA1 because it is a weak version of SSL encryption using the RC4 algorithm. All you need is a portable WIFI jammer.

Now, many people put their personal information at risk. They communicate and share information through social networks, smartphones and the Internet. This is why we always worry about our privacy. If you do not take certain security measures, you will not be able to protect their privacy. Protecting your personal information is very easy, but sometimes you can save lives!

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