Use portable WiFi jammer to block others from monitoring

Yesterday came to work as usual, when going to sales, you will immediately ask a few close friends for things you can’t see on the dashboard. Then, starting this month, we connected the GPS tracking device to some employees! It said it was for safe driving, but the data was sent to the boss every month.How much does it cost to spend alone, or how much does it cost to monitor employees?

but! It didn’t work for me. Just as some radars can capture radio waves emitted by automatic controllers (radars), there are also some convenient radars compatible with such devices. This is the WiFi jammer. A single charge can last about 2 hours. Fortunately, a car charger is also included, so you can charge while running. This can be used to really interfere with GPS devices installed on company cars.

There is a method of using a wifi jammer that can interfere with the GPS band of satellites to cut off GPS radio waves attached to commercial vehicles, such items will be able to cut off GPS radios attached to sales vehicles and company vehicles without the company’s knowledge wave. Because it is a radio jammer, it can block not only GPS but also radio waves from mobile phones.

How to cut off the GPS signal of commercial vehicles, as a method to block the GPS radio waves of commercial vehicles, it is also recommended that you carry a device called a portable GPS jammer, this project allows you to cut off all mobile phone GPS bands with one click, so whether it is business or company With any kind of GPS installed on the vehicle, anyone can easily cut off the radio waves.

You only need to turn on the GPS signal jammer to easily use it, so you can cut off the GPS radio waves when needed, and now you can receive GPS radio waves at the right time, you will not feel suspicion. If you turn it on or off, you may think that GPS is malfunctioning. It is also recommended to use this method to cut off the GPS radio waves of commercial vehicles. If this WiFi jammer device is installed, the phone will be out of service and unable to make or receive calls.

Recently, there has been a movement to apply such devices to prevent wire fraud. Wire transfer fraud also involves criminals directing victims to ATMs. Criminals give instructions to victims through their mobile phones and steal cash by remotely controlling ATMs. Therefore, it is highly likely that blocking calls near the ATM will lead to crime prevention.

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