Use WiFi jammer to prevent annoying cell phone noise

Recently, with the rapid spread of mobile phones, various adverse effects have been pointed out. People worry that the use of mobile phones in public places such as hospitals, movie theaters, lecture halls and libraries will destroy the silence and affect precision equipment. In addition, unexpected problems occurred, such as cheating by taking them to school. Problems such as obstructing school curricula and increasing the number of students who secretly use mobile phones to play in the curriculum become more and more serious. Therefore, by introducing a wifi jammer, you can stop using your mobile phone in the classroom, and students can concentrate on the course.

By using a wifi jammer, you can adjust the reception of surrounding mobile phones, avoid using annoying mobile phones, and provide a quiet space. Portable WiFi jammers are very effective in places where mobile phones are inconvenient (bad places). For example, in trains, public places, etc. On the contrary, it may not be effective near the mobile phone base station.

If you see someone talking on a mobile phone on a commuter train or on a school bus, you will be angry. But it is difficult to say: “Please put down your phone!”. This is a special action, WiFi jammer. The radio waves of the mobile phone are forcibly sent out of the service area and cannot receive signals. You can repel the phone that violates etiquette! In addition, the 2.4GHz band (the most popular wireless camera used for cheating and mobile radio waves) has been turned away.

Have you encountered this situation and felt uncomfortable? People talk loudly on cell phones on buses and trains, people who talk in movie theaters and theaters, people who cheat on cell phones during testing, and so on. Some people do not have this morality. However, it is safe to have a WiFi blocker. Press the switch on the interference device, you can shield and intercept the signal band we want to block according to your needs!

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