Countries use wireless jammers to prevent foreign broadcasts

The wireless signal jammer sends electromagnetic waves at a certain frequency, and then the waves will be broadcast throughout the area. Radios will receive this wave (if it is set to that frequency), and they will block another wave broadcast by the station.

wireless jamming device

The (usually intentional) transmission of wireless signals can interfere with communication by reducing the signal-to-noise ratio. The other type is unwanted interference, which occurs when the operator transmits on the occupied frequency without first checking whether the frequency is used, or if the station using the frequency cannot be heard . This can also happen when the device accidentally transmits a signal (for example, a cable TV device that accidentally transmits on the emergency frequency of an aircraft). This concept can be used in wireless data networks to disrupt information flow. Some countries will use wireless wifi jammer to prevent foreign radio stations in border areas from reaching the country.

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