Powerful and portable 8-wire WiFi signal jammer

To avoid any noisy noise from your phone, you will need a wifi jammer. This is a new product-CDMA DCS PCS GSM 3G 4G WiFi signal jammer. Do you need a jamming device that can block all mobile phones and WiFi signals at the same time?

8 bands cell phone signal wifi jammer

This 3G / 4G / WiFi / cell phone jammer can definitely help you. This jammer is 4 with the latest design appearance, and has an excellent cooling system inside. Its 8 frequency bands can be used independently. That is, a single frequency band can be adjusted or disabled without affecting the operation of other frequency bands. Because it is equipped with a car charger and adapter, it can be used directly on the car, which is very convenient for users who want to use it while driving. According to the signal capacity of the application area, its interference range can reach 20 meters.

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