Adjustable 6-wire military jammer is universal

Now the adjustable design has signal jamming. A large amount of signal jamming means the WiFi interference signal of the mobile phone, the GPS signal interference of the mobile phone, etc. The adjustable signal jammer is usually designed for high performance and is designed for desktop use. Well, if you are looking for a high-power tunable military jammer for satisfactory results, you can go to our website.

Of course, mobile phone locks are different, because they are not in the same location, they will be in the same condition, and must be changed according to the actual conditions they are in. Because some people want to leave each other’s 3G and 4G mobile phone signals, many people should only cut off 2G 3G mobile phone signals, where you will have the opportunity to see more detailed information about these high-performance 3G mobile phone broadcasts.

frequency adjustable signal jammers

This latest 6-band full-band mobile phone signal jammer can shield and block full-band mobile phone signals (CDMA / GSM / DCS / 3G / 4G) or (WIFI wireless access / GPS tracking signal) with good results. The shielding radius reaches 50 meters, and the price is cheap. In addition, the shielded VHF and UHF bands (WIFI / headphone / intercom) can be set specifically. It is the preferred model for school examination venues / prisons / offices and other places.

Can shield and shield all frequency band mobile phone signals or WIFI wireless Internet / GPS tracking signals. The device is mainly alternating current (AC220V), we provide different power adapters for different countries / regions, so it can be used worldwide. The device uses high-efficiency heat dissipation technology, built-in two cooling fans, can work without heat for a long time, and is always in good working condition.

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