Drone jammer plays an important role in electronic warfare

It now appears that North Korea, determined to expel US troops from the Korean Peninsula, may have successfully hit this fatal weakness. Although the Pentagon denied the news, South Korean military reports believe that the concealed drone jammers on the North Korean hill is likely to cause an “emergency landing” of the US spy plane.

Sources say that Russian companies are also unlikely to be involved in providing Iraq with the most effective Russian equipment, such as an electronic jamming system that could damage the US air-to-air missile attack in Baghdad. However, the same source said that some Russian technicians who once worked for the Russian army may decide to go to Baghdad in their own name out of sympathy for the Iraqis.

In addition, the military has other systems that can minimize the impact of GPS signal interception on the bomb. A Boeing spokesman said that the joint direct attack ammunition combines GPS guidance kits and gravity bombs, as well as a separate inertial navigation system, which is used as the primary means of finding targets.

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