Drone jammers block radio frequency and signals from satellites

What is a drone jammer gun? The device has certain configurations, is a fully integrated rifle-type countermeasure, and can be used with a variety of UAV models. Although it looks like the most powerful electron gun you have ever seen, it is actually a high-power military jammer device capable of interrupting multiple frequency bands simultaneously.

By blocking radio frequency and signals from positioning satellites, the device interrupted the control functions of commercial drones. Britain is ready for a robot-to-robot war. A new type of anti-drone weapon system developed by Blighter Surveillance Systems called “Anti-Drone Defense System” is a combination of radar, camera and jamming system, all integrated into the device.

This is how it works. First, radar recognizes and tracks flying drones. Then, once the drone is within range of the jammer, the drone jammers device attacks it: three antennas send radio frequency signals to the target drone, trying to isolate it from the original controller. Within seconds, the stuck drone stopped in midair and then fell to the ground.

Among the challenges he faced while working at the signal station, Eng Hosni said: “I have to get all parts from East Asian countries. Gather enough information on how to operate this equipment. I travel to France, Spain, Italy, South Korea and Malaysia To understand how the system works. “He said that the drone jammer has been successfully tested on a drone about 300m high in remote areas. “In the future, I plan to manufacture jammers with screens.”

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