Install 6 antenna portable military jammer in meeting room

At the meeting, do you think this is really important to you? For some people, this is considered very important. Of course, preparing documents is an important factor that people should consider. Other than that, is it still widely used in cell phones, cell phones or noise? Of course, you should avoid making phone calls during meetings to generate noise, but in this article, you will know how to reduce cell phone signals, and they are suitable for use in conference rooms.

Now that 4G mobile phone signals are widely used, it is necessary to cut off the 4G mobile phone network, you can easily see real examples on our website. If necessary, you can view the following at a fixed location.

3 bands military cell phone jammer

The 6-antenna portable military jammer uses brand-new materials, and the point, line, and surface design reach the best state. The perfect shape makes it very popular. Take GSM + 3G as the basic interference signal frequency, shield 4G, GPS and WiFi signal frequencies according to your needs.

This mobile phone jammer is suitable for any place indoors or outdoors. Common places of use include schools, prisons, courts, churches, etc. It has a good heat dissipation effect, which can ensure that you can work for a long time. The maximum interference radius can reach 20 meters, equipped with AC charger and car charger.

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