Desktop Jammer – Desktop Signal Interference

A high power cell phone jammer is a reliable and accurate signal jammer and the most sophisticated modern equipment for observing and spying. Secret recording is part of our daily lives, and almost everyone can become a spy target. The consequences of secret recording and eavesdropping can be catastrophic for both your work and your private life. One must take things into their own hands and protect themselves in time, and the desktop spyware signal blocker is the right device to do this.

The Desktop Jammer guarantees you total privacy protection at work, in the country house, at home, in a hotel, in a car … This efficient multifunctional desktop spyware signaling device is easy for anyone to use who wants to protect themselves from espionage.

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Desktop spyware jammers interfere with or prevent the transmission of data between spyware. With the help of powerful antennas, the signal jammer emits electromagnetic waves at the frequencies of the receivers of spyware devices, thus blocking the transmission and reception of the signal.

Depending on the model, the desktop blocker can have multiple antennas and each module with one antenna can be used as a separate signal blocker. If you want to interfere with a particular frequency or with multiple frequencies, you can request precisely those frequencies and our team of experts will configure your personal desktop locker with the desired frequencies.

Advanced cooling systems provide a constant operating temperature that, if maintained, can allow the blocker to run for several months, without fear of overheating or decreased interference signal power.

High-quality cabinets also contribute to the quality of interference work.

The technical characteristics and application of a desktop Jammer

The desktop Jammer reliably and precisely obstructs and prevents the operation of the latest spy equipment, which can be miniature in size and impossible to detect with the naked eye.

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The desktop blockers, which use powerful transmitters, emit electromagnetic waves at the frequencies of the receiver and prevent the spy device from operating within a radius of up to 120m, depending on the terrain configuration, the quality of the blocked device and the model of the jammer. . The antennas can be omnidirectional (adhesive) or directional (panel) as needed:
1.With omnidirectional antennas, we reach a lower range of devices, but the angle of action is 360 degrees, which means that electromagnetic waves propagate spherically in all directions around the device. This type of interference is suitable in buildings where it is necessary to cover the floor above and below a certain space, and where the range of the device is not a priority.
2.With directional antennas we reach a range 3-4 times wider, but at a lower interference angle, up to 60 degrees. This type of interference is suitable in terrains where the main objective is to achieve a greater range of devices, and where the width of the interference angle is not a priority.

Desktop Blocker successfully clogs:
wireless frequencies of mobile telephony and internet
Wireless Internet and Bluetooth
Spy devices of unlimited range that work based on radio connection and GSM network
GPS tracker – locators
wireless remote controls
GPS navigation in the vehicle and on the mobile phone
wireless spy cameras and video surveillance cameras

The original desktop lockers can operate continuously for several months without turning it off and there will be no overheating or power interference (24/7).

The passive and active smart cooling system provides a constant operating temperature that, if maintained, can allow the sunscreen to work continuously for several months. Original Jammer desktop boxes are made of modern materials and aluminum alloys and are therefore effective in draining excess heat.

Original desktop lockers have a minimum of 1W – 3W output power per module.

The high-quality antennas accept the power of each module individually and therefore allow maximum utilization, which directly increases the interference radius.

Desktop lockers can be used without interruption at temperatures from -40 to +55 degrees.

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