Should a jammer be installed during the exam?

Due to the precedent of interrupting communication equipment during college entrance exams in recent years, in order to completely eliminate these phenomena, signal jammer have been widely used.

What are the principles of obstacles used during the college entrance examination? In fact, this is equivalent to the time it takes for your phone to send and receive information. The cell phone jammer is like an oversized horn, the “noise signal” output is too large, and the phone does not hear the “mouth”. Also known as a wifi jammer. In short, the shield’s work is far from blocking the phone signal, but blocking it. Equivalent to the use of electromagnetic signals useful in a large number of harmful signals.

indoor phone jammer

Although telephones are used whenever wireless communication equipment is used, there are also invisible lines that serve as base stations for mobile telephones. Mobile Phone The first step in making or receiving a call is to first establish a connection to a nearby mobile phone base station. If your left and right hands are a mobile phone and a left-handed phone calls a right-handed phone, the electromagnetic waves from the mobile phone will not be transmitted directly from the left hand to the right hand, but if simple, but it will be at hundreds of meters from the phone to the left roundabout.

This is why the signal in the examination room is disturbed. This seriously disturbs the mobile phone users in the examination room and the quality of the calls becomes poor. For motherland flowers, please support for a few days.

But is this mask really effective? The entire frequency range of electromagnetic waves is from the smallest Hz to the largest several hundred GHz, and the range is very wide. Each segment can be used as a communication signal, but some specialized general protection equipment is “skills are not large enough” and “five types” of “incomplete sound” shielding can only block a small number of tools. band communication which can use the unshielded band communication frequencies.

Therefore, it is imperative to increase the number of jammers, and try to continue to cover all areas, so that it leaves.

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