Jammers GPS and GLONASS

GPS signal jammer and GLONASS – a device that does not allow transmitting data about the location of your car to satellites. The device operates at a frequency close to GPS and GLONASS (1500 to 1600 MHz).

The first people who got the idea of ​​controlling the location of the vehicle were Americans. They invented the Global Positioning System or GPS. Our compatriots did not lag behind progress and released the Global Navigation Satellite System or GLONASS for short.


The main difference between the systems is to work at different frequencies: * GLONASS system, operates at a frequency of 1602 MHz. * GPS system at a slightly lower frequency.

Navigation receivers use data from both systems to determine the location of the vehicle. That is why in online stores and see the sections: Jammer GPS and GLONASS!

How it works?

While you equip your car with a navigation system, other drivers try to protect their vehicle from satellite tracking. To prevent an attacker from monitoring your movement, just install a jammer to suppress signals that allow satellites to transmit information about the coordinates of the car.

After connecting the jammer of the GPS or GLONASS signal, the gadget immediately starts working, creating interference around itself in a radius of 15 m. The device jammed the L-waves, which represent the frequency range of the waves used for terrestrial and satellite radio communications.

For example, the signal jammer (jammer) Proline PR-8081KA has the following characteristics:

* Frequency: 1500-1600 MHz

* Range: 7 meters

* Output power: 7 dB

* Power: 12V, 200mA

* Dimensions: 93x21x15 mm

GPS car antitracker, suppressor Proline PR-8081KA is a miniature jammer of GPS signal. It is designed to block GPS trackers that can be hidden in your car, truck, van, motorcycle.


* Signal suppressor – 1 pc.

* Antenna – 1 pc.

* Fuse – 1 pc.

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