Should coffee shop install mobile cell phone signal jammers?

The coffee shop is usually the best place to choose a business, but there is always such a noise, it affects my behavior such as our conversation, should we install a signal jammer to stop the use of the phone?

Norliy: There have been two controversies about the use of cell phone jammer. One is that mobile phone signal jammers must be used in places where mobile phones are prohibited. Another is that cell phone blockers should not be widely used. So where should you use a cellphone jammer? The question is also controversial. Can the cafe be used? For many, the cafe is recreational place, should keep the environment quiet, prohibit the use of mobile phones is also for this purpose, cell phone signal jammer should be used in these areas.

Marly: As a cyberwork, I think, should not be installed mobile phone jammers itself, let’s go to the coffee shop to drink coffee is to leisure, do the thing that oneself like, and wifi network is what we have to use to the network environment, if you use the cell phone jammer, that go to the coffee shop and what fun? You might as well make your own coffee at home.I think this signal shielding device should be installed, where is the have installed, which can provide a good environment for people to rest and work, is more than a coffee shop, theater concert hall has install signal jammers.

desktop signal blocker

Qengeoa: Should the coffee shop install a phone jammer? A coffee shop is a place for people to serve. It should be based on people’s interests and why people want to go to a coffee shop. With the development of smart phone, coffee shop has become the people leisure to relax a place, also is a great place for some business communication, a lot of people choose to talk about business in a place like this, date, etc. But as the wifi network coverage, many people in the shop use wifi to see video, play games, which greatly affect the business communication, to this end, a coffee shop considering the factors of the customers, in order to provide a better environment for their communication, installation of cell phone jammer premise is to protect the good environment, I think should be installed, but you have to control the interference range. It’s best to have adjustable desktop phone jammers.

Barcler: Must use the mobile phone signal jammer, along with the development of smart phones, although it provides us with convenience and enrich our life, but our life also disrupted by mobile phone, people addicted to the mobile phone, don’t want to communicate with people, because cell phones affect children learning problems such as outstanding, it has become a poison the important equipment of modern youth.

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