What are the ways to shield GPS signals?

Whether you are locating business assets or monitoring the location of your loved ones, GPS locators have become undeniably reliable. However, users increasingly rely on these things, which makes hackers even more reason to distort the system. Obviously, any potential interference with how these devices work can greatly damage their performance.

GPS monitoring equipment is mainly used for real-time location tracking, used to monitor property and relatives. Over the years, monitoring equipment has been used to complete legal tasks, including rescue tasks, monitoring sex offenders or monitoring parole offenders. In addition, it can also be used to locate and protect convoys. This equipment can help fleet managers protect their vehicles and ensure rapid recovery in the event of their property being stolen, giving the company an opportunity to obtain lower insurance premiums. In fact, these tracking devices have been used to check the whereabouts of spouses in order to understand potential cheating.

For these reasons, people of course need to interfere with GPS to ensure that their devices always work. However, the irony is that GPS monitoring equipment can potentially compromise personal safety, just as it causes safety. If terrorists can obtain important location information of government property, or even if the wife tries to catch her cheating husband, GPS signals can also be useful to disturb things.

gps signal jammer for car

GPS signal jamming equipment and other signal jammer

Different methods of confounding or interrupting GPS signals will also depend on the type of surveillance equipment used. The most direct way to avoid being stalked is to destroy the GPS device and ensure that it does not rejuvenate. But if the intention is to tamper with it secretly without knowing the installer, it is easy to obstruct or weaken the transmission of the tracking device by using these instruments:

1.Metal shield

This is a cheaper option. Just encapsulate the tracking device with any metal covering (such as brass net or lead camera film protective film). The thieves allegedly used refrigerated trucks to transport vehicles equipped with GPS tracking devices to avoid being tracked.

2. GPS jammer

GPS jammer is primarily sold online. Inserting it into the 12v adapter in the vehicle can now damage GPS radio signals within a certain range.

3. Mobile phone signal jammer

This device is a mobile phone scrambler, which means it can avoid mobile phone use. If an automatic tracking device is used, this scrambler will prevent the wireless tracking device from sending real-time location updates.

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