Interpretation of the principle of car jammer shielding remote control signal

The reporter learned from the car market that when many car owners use their cars, the theft of their valuables often occurs, and many car owners are puzzled. He obviously closed the door of the car, and the car was not damaged. How come the contents of your car were stolen? Could it be that your car was pried open by the master key? The netizen “Wind Chaser” found out the secret of the theft of car items after detailed research and search for a lot of information.

The netizen “Wind Chaser” told reporters that in fact, the biggest motivation for him to find out the reason is that the two bottles of Moutai in the Mercedes-Benz that he bought were somehow lost. Originally, these two bottles of Moutai were intended to be given to their own leaders. I hope to upgrade myself in the coming year. Moreover, these two bottles of Moutai are authentic, so once they are given to the leaders successfully, there is hope for the upgrade. I did not expect to be stolen. Losing the opportunity to give gifts to leaders made the netizen very depressed.

car gps anti track blocker

It is precisely based on this background that although the netizen also called the police, he could not provide evidence that he did put Moutai in his car and was stolen by someone else, because the car was intact and the case was not filed. What should I do? The netizen can only crack the secret by himself.

Later, the netizen learned about gps jammer and car decoders on the Internet, and finally solved the puzzle. The source of this secret is that the remote control information of the car was interfered by the car jammer, resulting in the car door being not locked at all, and then after the car owner left, those criminals who used the car jammer would have an opportunity to take advantage of it. So simple. In that case, is there any way to crack the illegal behavior of using car jammers?

Car decoder cracks car chip parameters to improve car safety

Many readers may think that since the car decoder can crack the parameters of the car chip, this is a huge challenge to the safety of the car itself. Why does it improve the safety of the car? For this, the netizen “wind chaser” himself has a deep understanding.

After knowing that gsm jammer can interfere with the car’s signal, for the majority of car owners, if they want to prevent the intrusion of car jammers, the direct method is definitely not feasible, and it is difficult to file a case after the products in the car are stolen. Only the dumb can eat coptis. The theft of car products reported on the Internet is actually a fiction when the police find out. How can our police have such a powerful ability?

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Therefore, the complete solution to car jammers is to provide car decoders to crack car chips. Then modify the parameters on the car chip to make the car jammer completely invalid. This method has been proved to be unsuccessful, and now many car repair 4S shops also provide such services. Because car decoders and car jammers are actually like the relationship between computer viruses and security workers, one develops viruses and the other prevents viruses.

After modifying the car chip through the car decoder, the netizen “Wind Chaser” has never lost any items since then. It can be seen that the car decoder can indeed improve the safety of the car. Professor Wang, an expert in the automotive industry, also talked about a point of view, that is, after the car decoder modifies the parameters of the car chip, the car jammer cannot read the data of the car chip, and there is no way to obtain the signal of the chip. It cannot interfere with the remote control function of the car.

This is like adding a protective cover to the car computer chip. The interference signal of the car jammer cannot attack the car chip through this protective cover, thus improving the safety of the car.

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