The influence of magnetic field strength on test signal jammer

I believe many people are unfamiliar with the test signal jammer. This is a kind of equipment that has become popular in major examination rooms in recent years. It can effectively prevent candidates from cheating by using electronic signals. It has been widely used now In the university and middle school exams in major schools. Especially in the upcoming college entrance examination season, major schools have to re-purchase a batch of more professional machines and equipment with stronger shielding effect to ensure the normal order of the examination room and maintain the fairness of the examination. However, what we are going to talk about today is , Regarding the influence of magnetic field strength on the test signal shielding device.

Camouflage handheld phone jammer

As we all know, the effective range of the test signal jammer is generally about 0 to 50 meters in radius. According to different models of different manufacturers, there will be differences in specifics. However, the strength of the magnetic field will actually affect the effective range of the test signal jammer. Yes, because it relies on the magnetic field to isolate the electronic signal, so in specific use, pay special attention to whether there is a base station within 500 meters of the examination room. If it is 500 meters away, it will generally not cause any impact. If it is within 500 meters, it should be judged according to the specific distance. So the best way is to actually put it into use, and then judge how many units need to be purchased based on the actual results. For those who want a stronger shielding effect and a larger range of machinery and equipment, you can contact Beijing Shenzhou Mingda for the price of signal jammers. This is a professional manufacturer and has many years of experience in research and development of test signal jammers. It has been developed for many years. Deeply recognized and trusted by customers, friends who want to eliminate electronic signal cheating in the examination room are welcome to contact and cooperate.

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