What are the differences between ordinary mobile phone signal jammers and high-quality signal jammers?

Signal jammer, generally speaking, can be divided into ordinary shielding and high-quality shielding.

Ordinary shielding, its technical characteristics are mainly based on shielding principles, using a large number of low-power or high-power devices to fight against, staying on simple technical solutions.

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High-quality shielding, its technical characteristics adopt strong signal digital frequency hopping technology, which reduces radiation by 150 times compared with ordinary shielding technology; mainly outdoor shielding, reducing indoor radiated power by hundreds of times; multi-channel combined technology, full-frequency antenna replacement N frequency-dividing antennas are suitable for wireless remoteness, laying the foundation for distributed antennas; using distributed antenna technology, reasonable distribution of shielding power, dispersing the power signal, reducing antenna radiation, providing tens of times the efficiency, and eliminating dead spots and leaks ; Jike’s unique TD synchronization technology, for China Mobile’s 3G (TD-SCDMA) and 4G (TD-LTE) networks, only shields the downlink pilot time slot to prevent interference to the base station, obtained by the China Mobile and Radio Management Committee The recognition, while reducing radiation dozens of times.

Comparison item Normal shielding Quality shielding
Low price moderate price
Basic shielding principle
Run by quantity
1. Digital dot frequency/frequency hopping technology
2. Multiplexing technology
3. Distributed antenna technology
4. Jike TD synchronization technology
Installation location is uncertain Outdoor
Radiation big radiation small radiation
1. Cannot fully shield
2. Large interference:
To surrounding/base station
3. Unstable operation
it is good
Service life is shorter than three years

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