Truth|Does the cell phone signal jammer affect the human body?

Generally, people have inexplicable rejection of wireless devices. They always think that the signals emitted by wireless electronic products will affect their health. So, today, let’s talk about whether cell phone signal jammers have any impact on human health.

First of all, concerns about radiation from electronic products have always been a controversial issue among the people. Because we know that all electronic products have radiation, but different products have different amounts of radiation. Generally, the equipment of regular cell phone jammer will be monitored by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention before leaving the factory. At present, the National Standards of the People’s Republic of China “Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Regulations” (GB8702-88) and the People’s Republic of China Environmental Radio Wave Hygiene Standards (GB9175-88), according to the national standard radiation level requirements, are allowed only after manufacturers who produce electronic products have passed the test. sell. And after installation on site, it also needs to undergo radiation testing by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention. For engineering sites that meet national standards, the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention will issue an electromagnetic radiation testing report.

4g cell phone jammer

After testing, electronic products that meet the national standard radiation level requirements have no effect on the human body, so there is no need to worry about whether the signal radiation of the mobile phone signal jammer will affect the health of the body. In addition, according to the conversion of relevant data, the amount of radiation from the mobile phone to the human body should be the largest, and the radiation from the shield to the human body is almost negligible compared with the radiation of the mobile phone we use daily.

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