A two-function signal jammer

If you are a teacher who goes to the exam room often, you may want a cell phone signal jammer to make the student more aware. If you are a businessman who wants to keep trade secrets, you might fear that one day you will be tracked because someone may already have a GPS locator installed in your car. Then you can install a GPS signal jammer.

Although some people may not be teachers or businessmen, but only encountered these two problems. More and more people think that it is not easy to keep secrets in modern society because there is too much spyware and spyware. Social software and the Internet have spread enough scandals around the world. There is no secret. It’s another people’s nightmare.

gps jammer

It’s a good thing to do, and aims to solve this problem by cutting off chunks of signals from cell phones and GPS locators called mini-handsets and GPS jammers.

It is the same size as a cell phone. Maybe it’s lighter. You can put it in your pocket and your table. And mainly by the battery holder. It can last about two hours because it consumes a little less. You can use them to hold secret meetings in the office, or put them in the Car Jammer to prevent its escape. Don’t worry about its function, the working area can be up to 5 meters according to different situations, it is very convenient to use in the car, it is extremely good to protect your privacy.

It is very easy to use. But you still need to pay attention to some of these areas:

First of all, you need to use the pocket mobile phones and full load jammer GPS signals, you may want to use while charging in the mini, it can reduce the working hours. We provide one year warranty, which is not included. Second, the interference distance varies depending on the signal strength and the specific working position.

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