GPS Jamming Experiment

Chronos Technology Ltd successfully demonstrated the GPS Jammer Triggered Camera technology during official GPS jamming tests at the Sennybridge Military Jammer Training Area in Wales at the end of August 2015, Lydbrook , Gloucestershire, UK.

JammerCam ™ GPS triggered camera technology Jammer was jointly developed by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Bath and Chronos Technology Ltd. This development took place within the framework of a project called “AJR”. Internet of Sensors “Feasibility study competition

The trials allowed JammerCam ™ units to be tested in an outdoor environment with a range of GPS jammer hidden in vehicles passing alone or in convoys, including cars, vans and shipping containers. Jammer-triggered camera sensor technology successfully identified and photographed the vehicle hosted by the jammer in all test cases and at all speeds and powers. Either way, the vehicle was taken at the center of the frame so that only one frame was needed, which significantly reduced the bandwidth needed between the sensor and the web server.

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The photo identifying the vehicle with jammer would then be sent over a mobile network to a web server where it is distributed as a hyperlink to target email addresses. The image can then be called up as actionable intelligence within seconds of the camera taking the jammer.

Professor Charles Curry, Managing Director of Chronos, explained: “A proof of concept system was demonstrated during the Sennybridge GPS Jamming trials in 2014 by the University of Bath. We then had to overcome some significant challenges, not the least of which was to make the system fully automatic so that it only took a photo of the vehicle hosting the jammer. We know that even low powered cigarette lighter style jammers emit enough detectable interference to create a power bubble around the vehicle, making it very difficult to determine which vehicle in heavy traffic is hosting the jammer. Our two biggest discoveries were to identify the vehicle in a convoy hosting the jammer, and detect and catch a shipping container with a low-powered jammer inside.

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