Recording jammer to prevent eavesdropping from being recorded!

Have you ever had such confusion: private meetings and conversations with friends are worried about being eavesdropped or recordings reveal privacy; business negotiations are afraid of being eavesdropped by competitors leading to project failure; the conversations of confidential meetings of the unit are recorded or eavesdropped leading to leakage, etc. and many more. How to protect the valuable conversation information from being stolen by others?

While high-tech brings convenience to the general public, the pursuit of high-quality life has also become a life attitude that people admire. Therefore, the protection of privacy rights has become a hot topic at the moment, and more and more politicians, celebrities and business people are beginning to understand protection The legitimate rights and interests of one’s own privacy, how to prevent recording and anti-eavesdropping has been paid attention to. How to effectively prevent the disclosure of secrets caused by recording and eavesdropping? Choosing a high-end and safe anti-recording device becomes your wisest choice right now!

The wireless jammer is a very effective product. It can send out interference signals to prevent the pickup or microphone from picking up normal voice information, and pick up the “buzzing” noise to protect the voice information. The recording jammer is It is the simplest and most effective to protect the security of voice information from the source of sound collection. Shenzhou Mingda has focused on information security for 14 years. The newly developed L7B recording jammer is upgraded on the basis of the original equipment. The FPGA-based ultrasonic noise algorithm eliminates the high frequency noise of the old equipment.

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Features of recording jammer MDPB-L7B:

1. High interference intensity: Our self-developed FPGA-based ultrasonic band noise algorithm can effectively interfere with digital devices such as mobile phones and voice recorders, can record noises, and completely eliminate the harsh sound that a few people can hear.

2. Long interference distance: The anti-recorder has an interference distance of more than two meters for 95% of mobile phones, an interference distance of more than 5 meters for 60% of mobile phones, and an interference distance of 10 meters for iPhone X and iPhone 8, which can be effective Protect the conversation

3. There are many interference devices: it has good interference effects on various mobile phones such as iPhone series, Huawei mate, Honor, OPPO, VIVO, Samsung, Nubia, Meizu, Nuts, etc., and it has good interference effects on Sony, Samsung, Sanyo, Newman, Lenovo, Olympa. Sound recorder test interference effect is good

4. Mute work: The anti-recorder has replaced the ultra-quiet fan, and the sound produced during work is smaller and quieter than the old equipment.

In modern society, recording conditions such as mobile phones and voice recorders are very convenient. Any important negotiation, especially business negotiation (such as legal negotiation, contract negotiation and other legal relationship communication) or other important matters, is very worried about being recorded by the other party. Evidence against oneself. The latest L7B recording jammer developed by Shenzhou Mingda can solve your worries. The recording jammer is a portable, highly integrated security protection device that integrates ultrasonic interference and voice sound wave interference. It can effectively interfere with digital and analog recordings such as voice recorders, mobile phone recordings, and tape recordings, and interfere with wireless eavesdropping, wired eavesdropping, and isolation. Various voice eavesdropping devices such as wall tapping and laser tapping make it impossible to identify the conversation voice obtained by the eavesdropper, thus effectively protecting your privacy.

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