Jammers: High-density objects can block 4G networks and sound alarms

Once they become true secret agents or tools only available to the armed forces, but for those who are not familiar with mobile phone jammer, they know that they are special electronic devices that allow you to jam the frequency of your smartphone.

When sold on the Internet or in specialized stores, the jammer will prohibit the use of GSM, wifi, 3g, 4G and GPS frequencies that we usually use with various TIMs, Wind Tre and Vodafone. Their operation is to send out radio waves that dominate and disturb signals used for phone calls or satellite tracking.

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The difference between a cheap jammer and a high quality jammer is the coverage, the power of the noise signal and the number of existing antennas. Once activated, the tool starts to fill the required interference signal frequency with a 180-degree range.

The power of the jammer is expressed in watts or decibels, and the number and type of antennas will affect the coverage and interference range. However, it is precisely because jammers are spreading on the Internet at a price that everyone can obtain, people have tried to prevent this phenomenon by effectively detecting countermeasures for frequency jamming equipment. They are called “anti-jamming devices” and they send alarm inputs when they detect disturbing electromagnetic radiation in the surrounding environment.

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