Can the communication signal be retained by using a jammer?

Many people do not understand the jammer, so using a jammer in an emergency causes the cell phone signal to drop and the outside world cannot be contacted.

Are you planning to use a mobile phone wifi jammer in your building or place of business? If so, you’re probably curious about how they actually work – and what effect they have on cell phones.

desktop wifi signal jammers

When using a jammer, a low power radio signal is broadcast. This signal is able to cut off the communication between the cell phone and its cell base stations. When this happens, all mobile phones in the affected area display “No service” and incoming calls are blocked. To the caller, it just looks like the cell phone is turned off.

Although jamming of mobile phones prevents them from receiving service, some predefined areas are not blocked. By default, these frequency zones include:

* EMS bands

* Fire bands

* Police tapes

* Medical services pager bands

Therefore, when using active jamming, you don’t have to worry about putting yourself in danger or putting someone else in danger. Police, fire and EMS radio users as well as pager users can still communicate, but your clients, clients or students will not be disturbed by non-urgent phone chatting, providing a calm environment.

Once the jammer is turned off, the phones will automatically re-establish communication with the cellular base stations – and those affected by the jammer will be able to receive cellular service again.

It should be noted that using a jammer does not damage the phones in any way. It should also be noted that the same situations apply to any model of GPS jammer that we also offer.

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