The current situation and misunderstandings of using mobile phone jammers in prisons

Cell phone jammer Current situation:
1. The area that should be shielded is not strictly shielded, which is costly and laborious and has no actual effect;
2. The area that should not be shielded is seriously interfered, complained and cannot be used normally;
3. There is a gap between overly biased detection and pseudo base station technology, ideals and reality, and there are no real successful cases in China at present;

portable cell phone signal jammer

2. Misunderstanding:

①Using directional antenna can avoid interference
1. There is a certain transmitted signal strength outside the directional angle of the directional antenna, but it is much lower than the main lobe, not completely directional;
2. The reflection of the building will still cause external interference;
3. The frequency drift of the host computer seriously affects the base station and causes external interference;
4. TD full-time shielding interference must exist.

②The greater the power, the better
1. Inaccurate host frequency output, frequency drift, too wide bandwidth, waste of power, and interfered base station;
2. The simple frequency sweeping power suppression method has low shielding efficiency and large radiation;
3. The power is false standard, exaggerated publicity, and the nominal power loses its reference value;
4. Power is the foundation and technology is the key. It is better to find good methods and skills to fight for power;

③ The radiation of high power jammer is large, and the radiation of low-power is small
1. The high-power uses an outdoor antenna, which has a long operating distance, large shielding coverage, and uniform shielding signals, but radiation is minimal;
2. If the low-power equipment does not use multiple antennas for long-distance shielding, but is arranged in a centralized manner or 5 antennas are used together, the radiation power will be greater than 10 microwatts/square centimeter, and the short-distance radiation will definitely exceed the standard;

GPS jammer in civilian areas

GPS jammer can easily be ordered from the Internet and have the ability to protect privacy and prevent third party tracking. These products are beneficial and should be bought. For example, some VIP characters can prevent illegal location using the GPS tracker.

In North America and Europe, of course, such equipment is also required to protect privacy. Because you don’t know when your vehicle is being followed by someone else. GPS trackers are easy to buy.


GPS jamming technology can also be used to manage drones. Professor Todd Humphreys and his team have taken control of an unmanned drone using GPS spoofing technology in Austin. They used tiny helicopters to disrupt GPS systems in unmanned aerial vehicles and then provide coordinates so drones can reach their destinations.

It’s not the first time that a drone’s vulnerability has been exposed. It’s easy to buy a GPS jammer on the internet and then crash a drone. And this signal interference is effective for all unmanned aircraft.

The famous Davos Economic Forum has used similar devices to regulate the use of drones to ensure order and security. Such devices have played an important role in the success of recent conferences.

At the moment, the military applications of GPS jammer technology are mainly focused on electronic warfare. For decades, one of the main requirements in electronic warfare has been to geographically hostile transmissions. This has resulted in a plethora of location-finding techniques such as receive signal strength (RSS), arrival angle (AOA), arrival time (TOA), arrival time difference (TDOA), frequency difference of arrival (FDOA) and so on.

In a positioning application, we have a mutual problem: instead of trying to localize a transmitter relative to ourselves, we try to localize ourselves relative to a number of transmitters. Of course we use the same techniques: GPS is an excellent example of a TOA system.

Russian electronic interference with the Finnish and Norwegian GPS networks began in early September 2017 and was classified as secret by the Norwegian authorities until the exact nature of the scenario was determined.

The loss of GPS capabilities from commercial aircraft could certainly have resulted in a catastrophic air disaster, but the Norwegian Intel believes that Russian GPS jamming over Finland / Norway was not the intention of the Russian government or the Russian military.

According to the expert analysis, GPS interference and interference mitigation technology will be the key points for future electronic warfare.

Jammer jamming the driver’s phone

Some people cannot withstand all the noise on their daily commute. A cell phone jammer will appear. The number of websites offering similar devices has increased significantly. You can cater for different situations. In many cases it has a great effect. You can interfere with the incoming communication of your smartphone. Mobile phone etiquette should be taught and solved. Designed with adjustable buttons. Many conveniences have been increased.

best cell phone jammers

It makes it impossible to receive radio waves and forces it out of the service area. If you use your phone while driving, it will take a few seconds to answer the call. Most people are dissatisfied with this. There is a risk. How to solve the problem? Introduces a GPS jammer that blocks the signals of all mobile phones within range. Not only are you safe, but you can enjoy a quiet time by taxi. Requires extensive use of signal jammers.

Answering the phone while driving will distract the driver’s attention. The portable design allows you to take it with you wherever you go. Public awareness is rising about the intrusive and disruptive mobile phones introduced in our lives. Many functions are applied. The need for smartphone electromagnetic wave covers for functional mobile phones is also increasing. It may also be used for military purposes. Makes it easy to buy a good cell phone signal jammer.

The character of the cool camouflage jammer

Here you can see many different types of whine. For different situations that you need, the cell phone jammer is also different. Some people have to be portable, some people need the desktop, there are people who need remote control, they are easy to control the device.

Camouflage handheld phone jammer

The interference area is not too wide for personal use and must make moving easier. At this point, mini jammer is undoubtedly a good choice. You can see that in our shop there are many types of portable jammers that have different functions and look. Here we present a camouflage six-line handheld jammer.

This has a radius of interference on 20m portable cell phone jammers are camouflage, the appearance is very characteristic. It looks cool.

Of course, in addition to the exquisite appearance, it is also very characteristic from a technical point of view, that is, it is a display that is not the same as other wrists. This display can show the status of work, performance, temperature, etc. so that you can easily use it. The supported bands include GSM, 3G, 4G, 4GLTE, GPS, WiFi and Lojack, with several options available. In addition, it can control each band separately.

If you use a telephone jammer, you will not be interrupted during important meetings or other personal telephones, or you can sleep well at night if you do not want to be disturbed by telephone. This interference product is easy to install and environmentally friendly, will not harm human health.

The product is available, we guarantee delivery within 24 hours and for all of our products to provide a 1 year warranty.

The real intention of using Jammer

Over the past two or three years, with the gradual growth of the mobile phone shielding market, the variety of mobile phone shielding products has been overwhelming throughout the mobile phone industry.

Currently on the market, Signal jammer product is called: signal interference phone, cell phone jammer, jammer, cell phone protection device, in fact, these are the same product, is the same function, namely: a single electronic device Any electronic device can basically work on multiple communication bands including GSM, DCS, CDMA, WIFI, 4G PHS and even 3G. Shielding system in the smartphone, smartphone protection systems, alarm systems, cell phones, in fact these are basically the title to play, do marketing: there are some so-called OEM manufacturers or OEMs of the manufacturer of advertising practices as follows, the change in frequency, of the product type or product intentionally picks up something from the original product representative to give the user the feeling of a new idea or that the product has many improvements, such as the so-called “smartphone protection system”. Obviously a single cell phone signal jammer sells , also called “protection system”, is a malicious advertising product.

signal blockers

We continue to believe that: 4G jammer is a separate shielding products, can not be called the protection system, a protection system can be centrally controlled using a variety of shielding products can be integrated to provide a highly centralized control of the shielding System to form products
I develop a series of smartphone screen management system “, the first to open up to domestic industry, based on the power of long-term programs, intelligent management technology integration (220V / 110V / 380V, 50Hz / 60Hz) to support the control signals to transmit, remote control devices installed on the use of multiple units (usually more than 10) computer signal interference, cell phone jammer can achieve point control, group control, total control, can regularly check and plan each plan can automatically query, Automatic alarm automatically requests for phone jammers or signs, etc.

Welcome all retailers and new and old customers to buy our new products, so we never cheat a customer to tell the truth products help customers choose their own jammers, with the least money on most good product and service.

Story of drone and mobile phone jammer on NHK News

Knowledge of drone and 4G phone jammer week frequency

By Wikipedia’s explanation, FPV (first person view) is called RPV (remote person angle) or video navigation. It is a backpass facility with a built-in wireless camera based on a remote-controlled model airplane or car model, which is a new way of playing the model on the ground while watching the screen. Over the last few years, more and more people are using drones. This type of FPV utilization is most often seen.
The drone is actually a pilot’s eyepiece surveillance, a higher version of the drone incorporates two in-vehicle cameras and a portable jammer 4g in the pilot’s eyepiece. Can be 3D view

Cell Phone Frequency Jammer

Wi-Fi Radio Blocker Let’s study basic knowledge about week frequency

2.4GHz and 5.8GHz are the two most common frequencies for being connected to terrestrial radio transmitters and UAVs. The 2.4 GHz band is a common radio frequency. Often used to connect to ground-based transmitter axis aircraft and UAVs. If you know more about frequencies, you may know that the 2.4GHz band of unwanted cell phone jammer is also used in wireless computer networks. Therefore, it can be expected that there will be many accidents that lost control of the aircraft in densely populated residential areas with too many radio signals.

Another problem with drones is that they interfere with the vehicle’s navigation system. This is mainly due to the fact that the two transmitters worked together, one transmitting the guided wave number signal to the vehicle and the other transmitting the video signal to the driver.

The 5.8GHz band is used in 4-axis aircraft technology to avoid entanglement of the same frequency band with other RFs. This weekly wave number is found in the Dow Phantom model. Let’s see how UAVs work around wireless frequency issues

Phantom 1 This drone works in the 2.4GHz band. If you plan to participate in FPV, you will have to do it yourself using the 5.8 GHz frequency of the mobile deterrent jammer to avoid common problems.

If you use GOPRO or any other action camera’s unique wireless system, remember that the wireless option is turned off. Otherwise, it could interfere with the aircraft. The Phantom FC40 drone has adopted a radio frequency of 5.8 GHz. And since it has a single 3.4GHz system, you can send videos and photos to your pilot.

indoor phone jammer

Phantom 2 Because this drone uses control at a 2.4 GHz radio frequency of a drone jammer , you have to use additional tools. So we use the 5.8 GHz frequency to carry the FPV signal.

Phantom 2 Vision and Vision+ These two types of drones use 5.8 GHz and 2.4 GHz FPVs separately and utilize smartphone application connectivity and telemetry.

Portable jammer final conclusion

Therefore, if you bought a phantom UAV without a camera and other drones, you should use the 5.8 GHz frequency and FPV. By the way, it is worth noting that the RF signal is said to be a LOS mobile jammer or visual signal line. If there is no barrier between the UAV and the remote control, it will show that they cannot work. The best flying area of ​​the drone is directly visible to the naked eye. Otherwise, you could damage or lose your drones.

How to choose a portable jammer between portable or stationary

Many are wondering what kind of jammer device to choose. There are hundreds of models to choose from, so I think it’s very natural. Seriously, if you don’t know what kind of jammer device you want, it’s not necessary to buy. There are some important steps you must take before checking if this equipment is suitable for you.

The first is to fix your budget. As anyone knows, cell phone jammer, gps jammer and other jamming devices etc. also have very different prices according to the different wavenumbers used. So the more jammers your weekly jammer has, the higher the price. So how much do you want to pay for this equipment? After doing this right, you will be able to start looking for jammer equipment.

High Power Mobile signal jammer

The second point is: We are always advised to buy any type of jammer. Then you will read some additional information to understand how better to operate the equipment. This is not difficult. It’s not like rocket scientists studying how mobile and GPS signal jammers operate. If we take this process seriously, your cell phone will be double equipped and operate two different frequencies. One is used to receive signals, the other is used to send signals. So basically your cell phone jammer will send the same frequency at the same time and will put your cell phone out of range. This is a device that temporarily blocks incoming and outgoing calls by putting the terminal out of service area.

At first, many people find it surprising. It was hoped that mobile TV remote controls and locking devices would be around them. The reason why these equipments are popular with people is that the WiFi blockers are relatively new products in the market. This allows you to use this facility to surprise the audience. When I turned on the equipment, I was surprised to see many people’s faces.

Also, if you want this portable GPS jammer to let people around the week like it or use it anywhere, then you should definitely use portable type equipment. When using this equipment, it is necessary to find a suitable working area for this jammer machine. The more working area, the better the jamming effect. But there is one caveat here. The huge job range of portable cell phone jammers is that the batteries of the portable remote control are depleted in minutes. A normal radius/time ratio average radius of 10-15 meters or 30-50 inches can be guaranteed. If you have any problems please contact us on the wiki project. We provide all help in a timely manner.

On the other hand, if you are not going to buy mini jammer , you can buy a large desktop radio blocker. But keep in mind that they are still a bit pricey. In any case, as I said at the beginning, if you buy the equipment that suits you, you will check the budget and you will be sure to find the best equipment according to your request.

Several main factors in the use of blockers

The benefits of WIFI networks are indisputable, but did you know that they can be used by individuals, security agencies and, in some cases, even by the government, for dubious activities? This leads to violations of the privacy rights that citizens guarantee by the constitution of this country.

The jammer has become an important tool to protect the signal.

To protect your privacy, there is a Wi-Fi or Wlan frequency inhibitor for GPS blockers to protect your privacy and hide your location. Do some research and find Wireless Mobile Jammer for GPS Blocker that suits your needs and your budget.

GPS jammer can be purchased for a minimum price of $ 50 or up to $ 1000. It can prevent GPS devices from sending signals to the receiver. Watch out, there are mobile jamming devices available that can block signals only up to a few meters.

Whether you choose a cell phone inhibitor or other cell phone blocker, check the signal blocking area and then just buy it. You better find a GPS blocker that blocks hundreds of feet to get the necessary coverage.

cell phone jammer is a device that is useful in the sense that it can effectively interrupt and block the frequencies with which a cell phone works. We create devices that can do just that, but much more effectively and controlled. Unlike other international brands that demand exorbitant amounts of money for any 4G cell phone issue, at New Age Securities we strive to provide cell phone / signal malfunction services that are much cheaper but more effective. So if you are looking for the right brand, you know it is better for you to choose us.

portable cell phone signal jammers

Anyone may need a wifi inhibitor or similar blocker for various purposes. Depending on the situation, it can be very helpful to prevent portable devices from sending or receiving information or transmitting signals. In the right circumstances, you can use a jam to hold or protect your event during a program that requires it, or to use it at other meetings. So if you think you need this extra level of privacy or cyber security, then you might decide to buy Handy Jammer exactly what you need for the best experience.

If you recently explored the market and asked about each mobile service provider, then you probably know that there are not many low-cost providers. If you want to buy a civilian signal blocker, you should get one that fits your budget and doesn’t overwhelm you. At New Age Securities we are trying to fill this gap by offering you this service with our affordable products, with the best Signal Jammer price you can find in the market. You can make the most of them without compromising prices or functionality.

Protect Your Network With Quality Signal Jammers

Using a mobile jammer is not just a formality for some institutions or corporations, but a necessity. Keeping your network safe from malware or malicious sources is an important aspect of network security. To this end, we have promised New Age Securities that we provide all means to keep your network secure through the use of mobile device jammers, wifi network blockers, and other services. This can make a difference in the way your firewall can be attacked or violated to steal your information or misuse your account. The importance of having a good, high-quality signal blocker to protect your network has become increasingly important today.

Jamming WIFI Signal

WiFi is a wireless method of communication based on electromagnetic radiation. The WiFi signal is referred to as radio waves, respectively, it has the same properties, characteristics and behavior. Radio waves obey practically the same physical laws as light: they propagate in space at the same speed (almost 300,000 kilometers per second), are subject to diffraction, absorption, attenuation, scattering, etc.

The main characteristics of a radio wave, and therefore a WiFi signal, are its length and frequency. The scope of radio waves depends on the frequency range. This may be television, radio communications, mobile communications, microwave communications and many more interesting things, including the Internet.

The use of wireless Internet is associated not only with the convenience of receiving and transmitting information, but also can have negative consequences, for example, wireless spy devices work using wifi. The presence of wireless Internet is often disturbing, violates the silence and quiet environment in public institutions, and interferes with the operation of equipment. Buying wifi jammer will provide reliable control over wireless networks. We will figure out how to choose the right device.

wifi bluetooth blocker

Even if you are not the owner of any large corporation, the prospect of providing an outsider access to personal information in social services. networks are unlikely to please you. Having the necessary equipment, even a student can easily get any passwords, bank card numbers and other information.

Wi-Fi spyware is a fairly common phenomenon in the face of fierce commercial competition. In addition, wireless Internet in some specific cases can interfere with, break the silence and the necessary calm environment in public places, and can also affect the operation of various equipment. Wi-Fi jammers will provide reliable control over the operation of wireless networks.

What is a WIFI jammer

signal jammer is a small device that most often operates at a frequency of 2.4 MHz. The radius of its action, depending on the specific model, can be from 10 to 30 m. It allows you to get absolute control over the wireless type systems and, accordingly, secure the room, premises or separate territory. Many wireless devices used by attackers for covert tracking operate at frequencies of 2, 4-2.5 megahertz.

The use of Wi-Fi jammers allows neutralizing listening and video devices during its operation. It is also worth considering that such a suppressor blocks the signals of all devices, the list of which includes not only bugs and spy cameras, but also keyboards, mice that work without wires.

Mini cell phone jammer is very useful for us in many public places is welcome

The cell phone was first invented to talk to someone when we needed it. But things have changed over time. Now the cell phone is not just a phone, but a computer, a portable entertainment device, an Internet terminal, a wallet, a GPS navigation device, a cinema center, etc. You can see now that everyone is carrying a cell phone where they go, sit, walk, eat, shop, meet, everywhere, every time.

So now have you noticed the problem? Is it a problem if someone is talking loudly on their cell phone when we pray in a church? Is it a problem if a cell phone rings loudly when watching a movie in a movie theater? Or, is it a problem if someone shouts on their cell phone in a library? Yes, we could agree now that cell phone abuse will cause serious problems. We have to find a way to stop cell phone use in certain places. To do this, we need cell phone jammer.

GPS cell phone blocker

Cell phone jammer is a kind of electronic anti-cell phone signal device, it could cover and hide the cell phone signal from cell phone tower by sending stronger signal in same frequency. After covering the cell phone signal, all cell phones in a certain area will be disabled and out of service.

Cell phone jammer is very useful for us in many public places where cell phone is not welcome. Once we have a cell phone jammer, when we don’t need a noisy cell phone, we just turn on the jammer, all nearby cell phones cannot make or receive calls. The cell phone jammer is so good that we need to know more about it.

To learn more about the cell phone jammer, lets take a look at