Russia’s powerful military drone jammers

In order for the radio station to work properly, the radio station must be close enough to the signal your team wants to interrupt. According to an independent think tank specializing in military electronic systems, at the same time, powerful military drone jammers can detect targets 93 miles away, such as advanced drone gun jammers.

This is why Russian nuisances and new “special forces” targeting drones that operate them do not necessarily pose a survival risk for U.S. drones. A former U.S. drone developer explained: “Unless you know their location and time, it seems difficult to do it.”

Signal interruption is not limited to interference. More and more reports indicate that the Russians are expanding their ability to forge system signals, targeting the wrong receiver. In June 2017, we reported the report of the US Maritime Administration. Regarding such incidents in the Black Sea in the United States, the navigation equipment of ships showed their positions in the Black Sea.

The Russian Army now has a special UAV hunter force. The first type is the ground collective, whose electronic jamming system is designed to cut off the radio connection between the UAV and its controller. However, there is not much threat to the US military. In order for these radio interference transmitters to work properly, the device must be placed very close to the target. Unless you know where they are going and when, this seems difficult to do.

Drone jammers are becoming more advanced in electronic warfare

The Navy sent hundreds of electronic warfare experts to Iraq to lead the harsh sound in a harmonious manner with 14 types of jammers to allow the device to send its signal and then remain silent for a few milliseconds so that other devices can transmit; In this way, Warlock Red and Warlock Green can be packaged in a combined unit.

It is believed that North Koreans own old drone jammers purchased about ten years ago, as well as their own household equipment. These military jammers were placed on the hills of Kaesong province, near the border, to reach the maximum range, Rust said.

A new generation of military jamming equipment has also been introduced, which can cover a wide frequency range and perform specific “triggered” jamming, which means that “Duke did not mistake the receiver for a modified version of its own signal, a series of built-in Interference response is aimed at deceiving very specific equipment. “With the improvement of jammers, Iraqi insurgents basically abandoned the use of FDI, and the number of deaths from FDI declined.

The reason for the use of jamming equipment, a military switch called the radio-controlled improvised explosive device electronic warfare system (CREW), attempts to intercept or intercept the signal before it reaches its intended target to prevent an explosion. A common method is barrier interference, which can eliminate a wide range of radio signals. However, it also prevented the communications used by the US military. The United States, which exposes them to greater risks.

Interference involves pumping RF into the frequency range that they have enough to control their own signals. Therefore, you need a power supply and you need to know the frequency range. Because RF decreases with the square of the distance, unless you can aim very carefully, you must be close to or have a lot of power. They don’t really release the target you need to aim for, so they need a lot of features.

Schools buy signal blockers to prevent candidates cheating

With the development of science and technology, electronic products such as mobile phones have been greatly developed. Useful for everyday life. On the other hand, there are disadvantages. For example, cheating on mobile phones often during the test has a negative impact on the impartiality of the test. More and more students use smartphones in class. Many people use mobile phones during class. For teachers, this is a disturbing question, “How can I prevent students from messing with my smartphone?” The countermeasures against these problems use signal jammers.

Ringtones on smartphones such as trains, libraries, subways, and concerts can be annoying and cause discomfort to those around you. Currently, many people value their privacy. As GPS runs, your whereabouts may be tracked. We attach great importance to the confidentiality of information, especially in institutions where cell phones are disabled in prisons, police and the military, and use a signal jammer to prevent these phenomena. But how do you choose to buy a jammer? Many people worry about this problem.

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Signal jammer protects our privacy and security

Today we recommend popular signal jammers. Know the user’s exact latitude and longitude through the GPS positioning system. Previously, it has been used for military purposes and government affairs. Now, it has been widely used in daily life. Active in offices, schools and hospitals. Some people know where their children are going through the GPS positioning system. Keep children safe. Fair use. However, illegal use of GPS is also very common.

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Use high-end signal blockers to eliminate potential hazards

Telephone is a communication method. In recent years, the use of mobile phones has skyrocketed, and it may cause indifference, accidents, inconvenience and inappropriate behavior. Signal jammers can be purchased from this site, some GPS signal jammer will block GPS signals. If a tracking device is installed in the vehicle, the product can block GPS signals to help provide safety, and each frequency band can work individually or simultaneously.

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