Boss installed signal blocker in office to prevent employees using phones

When working, you need a quiet environment. I can’t make a phone call during a meeting. I hate the crying of my cell phone. In order to provide a quiet environment for the office, some measures need to be taken, one of which is the use of signal jammer equipment, which is a mobile phone signal jamming device suitable for the office. We have many high-quality jammers, and unwanted signals can be suppressed, which helps make life more convenient, comfortable and safe.

At work, many employees will use mobile phones for a long time, and you need to install a WiFi jammer in the office. It is difficult to improve work efficiency by managing employees as the boss. In order to improve the efficiency of office workers, employees are required not to use mobile phones. These rules are strictly regulated, but this does not work. Many people still use smartphones privately.

Signal jammers can help solve this problem. With this product, employees will not be able to shop or play games on the Internet, which is to turn off all signals. The product has a wide range of applications, according to the signal strength of the designated area, it can cut up to 30 meters. If you don’t want to affect other areas, you can use its adjustable function to adjust the cutoff radius.

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