People can only use signal blockers after obtaining permission

Many countries will use equipment that stops communication services, and some countries may prohibit interference with equipment. The legal issues of this product are often discussed. Different countries have different laws. It is illegal to talk on a mobile phone while driving. We want to use this product. When signal jammer are introduced into the society, they need to obtain the permission of the radio station.

In order to install and operate this product, anyone who has opened a radio station under the Radio Law must obtain permission from the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications. The licensing policy is that the space should be quiet, such as in theaters and concert halls, or limited to spaces where radio waves must be cut off, such as hospitals and test sites. Certain requirements must be met, such as assigning wireless workers who meet the eligibility requirements.

Installation and operation of jammers without radio station permission may result in fines. Only after obtaining preliminary permission can the installation of signal interference equipment be performed. We determined that the use of these jammers should be restricted, and it is best to know everything about local laws. This is because the technique of harming opponents while using signal jammers to keep yourself safe is very feminine.

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