The use of signal jammer cannot affect normal communication

Recently, many people use smartphones, and people have the right to freedom of communication. Freedom of communication refers to the right of citizens to use letters, telegrams and telephones freely. However, in recent tests, there were cheating problems with mobile phones, and bank transfer fraud in financial institutions. In many movie viewing halls, you will often see the phone ring and hinder viewing. In order to prevent the inconvenience caused by ringtones such as smartphones and to ensure quietness in specific spaces, we accept the installation and operation of signal jammers.

Mobile phone jammers and other non-service equipment used to interfere with radio waves have attracted people’s attention. These devices make mobile phones unavailable in certain areas. When installing this device, care should be taken not to hinder the freedom of communication and to prevent problems caused by poor communication of the mobile phone. The two seem to directly conflict. Freedom to use mobile phones seems to be an important right for individuals, and the use of signal jammer can be linked to public welfare.

While enjoying the right to use freedom of communication, it is important not to disturb others. Using the mobile phone for the college entrance examination violates the regulations. We cannot guarantee the fairness of the exam, and you may harm the rights of others. Therefore, it is legal to install interference equipment to prevent cheating, which is an effective measure. In order to prevent the inconvenience caused by ringtones such as mobile phones in public places, it is necessary to consider installing such interference equipment.

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