Drone jammer has become a necessary technology in prisons.

A New South Wales Correctional Services spokesperson said that the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) recently approved a two-year test of drone jamming equipment at Goulburn Prison. The U.S. Army hopes that the signal transmitters currently installed on drones will dominate in future electronic warfare, and he is turning to a contractual acquisition method that is poorly understood and poorly regulated.

Lithgow’s signal jammer equipment uses dozens of antennas installed inside the center to transmit very low-power signals, thus preventing any mobile phone in the prison from connecting to a networked mobile phone tower. A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam said on Tuesday that China installed military equipment for drone detonators at the Trong Sa post in the Nansha Islands of the South China Sea.

In terms of effective isotropic radiated power, advanced modulation and capacity, ALQ-99 can be traced back to 50 years ago, and has reached its functional limit, especially for modern threats. “The reason why we buy the next-generation drone jammers is that this threat will become increasingly serious because its initial growth will reach its initial operational capacity around 2021. This threat lies in the electromagnetic spectrum. The next war will be on electromagnetic waves On the spectrum.

Those modified “cargo groups” are sent to the US military by email. The United States rearranged blockers nationwide. This cumbersome procedure took several weeks before the new frequency was recorded in the spreadsheet. Even if hundreds of new sources of interference arrive in Iraq every month, this requires more detailed analysis and other reprogramming . Senior defense officials recalled: “This is a disaster.”

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