Drone jammers technology has become the most popular technology

In all the news reports on the use of infamous civilian drones and near-air accidents, it is not surprising that another new technology made headlines: “Anti-drones equipment” or “anti-drones” .

The drone jammers gun has successfully passed the French military’s DREP test, which measures the electromagnetic radiation level of human users. In fact, as Bloomberg pointed out, this is not a weapon, but a drone jam: to be precise, it is an HP 47 Counter drone blocker. It does not shoot the aircraft from the air: instead, it prevents the operator from controlling it remotely, lets it float in the air, and prevents the image or video from being sent back to its owner.

wireless drone blocker

It works by interfering with the UAV’s wifi signal, causing the reception band to be blocked. The UK is always ready to use advanced UAV jamming technology in large public events and sporting events to detect, track and change the control of any UAV where terrorists fly long-range as air weapons.

The US government has spent $ 17 billion to purchase 50,000 jammers, but at the beginning of the war, the crossfire game between signal interceptors and improvised explosive devices was far behind. They are too slow to adapt well and can only provide protection within a few yards. Two jammers lock and cancel each other every moment.

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