Military jammer is increasingly used in the civilian field

The Russian army is buying military jammer equipment that is planned to be installed on cell phone towers. The idea behind this is simple: the Kremlin can open an obstacle called Pole-21 to confuse the direction of American GPS.

GPS interference has indeed evolved over the past five to six years, and lasers do provide you with powerful capabilities independent of GPS. This complex will not only interfere with enemies using GPS radio navigation systems, but also interfere with national users of the GPS radio navigation system and Russian GLONASS.

Because Iraq uses complex military jammer and anti-tank missiles, US officials are concerned that Russia has provided Iraqi soldiers with prohibited military equipment that has been banned from use and training. However, sources close to the Kremlin believe that Russia is unlikely to risk further damaging relations with Washington, and former Russian technicians are more likely to travel to Iraq on their own.

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