Russia increases research and development of military jammer technology

The recent GPS signal is abnormal, and there is no navigation location near the capital of the Kremlin. The location is far away, which is on the buoy, making the taxi driver helpless. Since the GPS system originated in the United States, the positioning system may pose a security threat to other countries. If the GPS signal problems in the Kremlin and worldwide are not accidental, it means that Moscow has taken steps to solve the system security problems.

NASA officials said that the US GPS satellite system. The United States is vulnerable to missile and laser attacks from China and Russia in car navigation systems and military applications. The Russian army is developing military jammer and plans to install them on cell phone towers. The idea is simple: the Kremlin can trigger these disturbances during the conflict, and pray for the opportunity to reduce the accuracy of American missile strikes.

Installing a signal jammer in a cell phone tower in Russia is an unconventional measure, but it is logically reasonable. At present, the United States has huge advantages in cruise missiles, drones and GPS systems. American-made cruise missiles, such as the “Tomahawk” cruise missiles, have electronic devices specifically designed to counter GPS interference. The manufacturer Raytheon pointed out that an anti-jamming GPS receiver called AGR can achieve continuous satellite tracking in the presence of highly hostile interference.

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