Frequently asked questions about cell phone jammers

1. When jammer phone while working, Why do some phone signals indicate that there is still a signal indication?
It’s just a false impression. In fact, this time the phone could not communicate. When you press the dial key, the signal indicator on the signal which is nothing remains.

2. Does the phone’s signal jammer interfere with the work of other electronic devices?
No. Since the telephone signal interferers emitted by the electromagnetic signal fall completely within the international requirements of the operating frequency band of the mobile phone, Block only the role of mobile communication. And this signal is still in a relatively static state, Will not act any electronic product.

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3. Are cell phone jammer dangerous for the human body and the phone?
Please users comfortable. The signal strength of the electromagnetic signal emitted by the handset’s signal jammers is very low, Display test data force This signal strength is far away and does not cause harm to humans. At the same time, the phone signal jammers only block the front signal of the phone, so that the phone cannot contact the base station, so there is no damage on the phone itself.

4. Cell phone signal jammers The distance between inside and outside Are there any differences?
Of course. Telephone signal effective distance jammers usually refers to the indoor distance. Whether indoor or outdoor, effective in shielding the distance The range of interference will depend on the environment, such as the distance from the base station, the location of the installation and so on.

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