Our company provides various types of drone jammers

Our company offers a certain number of tools and technical instruments which make it possible to neutralize a drone by selectively blocking the control signals.

While UAV detection radars, UAV spectrum analyzers and UAV detection sensors are designed to provide timely advice on drone approach, the complete anti-drone system requires the use of devices to eliminate threats from drones entering protected areas.

portable drone blocker gun-type

Our company offers different models of drone jammer, which represent one of the most effective tools to deactivate drones by blocking control signals. Our systems can be equipped with drone jammers used to neutralize UAVs and jammers used to defeat explosive devices.

Drone jammers are used to block signals from drones and force them to land. They cancel the transfer of photo or video material from the drone to the operator and cause the drone to lose control if it carries dangerous substances. In other words, jamming systems provide the intentional emission of radio frequency signals to block UAVs in a particular area.

The jamming systems are controlled by special software which is used to selectively disrupt various command and control communication links used by UAVs and to choose the most appropriate means of responding to emerging threats while mitigating the collateral impact.

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