Jammer used in corporate security

The Ponemon Institute’s global survey of IT security infrastructures found that 83% of organizations worldwide believe that they face the greatest risk due to organizational complexity. Employees cannot meet the demands of the business because they are too difficult to produce and the policy hinders their ability to work as they see fit. Because employees have an easier way of getting the job done, so the growing influence of IT is not surprising.

employee data on their devices, which means you can access critical business header from any laptop, phone or tablet left of the office or cafe, according to 87% of respondents said no data assets stops increasing, More information is at risk. Because hackers can access your laptop if you lose your attention. As a result, many companies are using cell phone jammer to prevent sensitive areas from being directed to certain key areas.

desktop wifi signal jammers

The survey also found that security and information technology professionals are very concerned about their current activities.

“Year after year, traditional security providers have supplied the company with each new product that adds new people and experience to their latest technology, technical processes and operations, but there is little to solve the problem by answering security questions The main cause: “How to share information while minimizing data loss? Can the attack surface be reduced? Why does security depend on the device?” Only on these questions, such as the solutions provided by Citrix, our industry can move forward, the future security of application data, hardware and materials, “Stan Black, chief security officer for Citrix.Für for example, Office Jammer portable signal Applied in many places.

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