How to interfere with a GPS tracking device mounted on a commercial vehicle

Yesterday. Come to work as usual. When I try to go to sales, I ask a few coworkers who are close to me what I can’t see on the dashboard. Then, from this month, some of the employees are equipped with GPS tracking devices!

Although it is said that it is for safe driving ostensibly, the data is sent to the boss every month.
It’s about how much money it takes to attach just one such device, or how much it will tie up employees!

but! It doesn’t work for me. Just as there are radars that can catch the radio waves of automatic control devices (radars), there are convenient devices that support such devices. That is the gps jammer/satellite jammer.

cheap signal jammers

It lasts for about 2 hours on one charge. Fortunately, a car charger is also included so you can charge while running.
This can really be used to interfere with the GPS device mounted on a company car.

How to use GPS radio wave breaker 8341HA-5

The GPS radio wave breaker 8341HA-5 comes with a charger from the power supply and a car cigarette lighter charger, and it is a simple design that operates by simply turning on the switch on the side of the main body.

Who Uses GPS Radio Blockers?

Until now, if GPS could be attached, there was no choice but to find it and remove it, but for those who are scared of GPS, good news!

Is it equipped with a GPS transmitter? Is it equipped with or has Cocosecom!? If you are worried about that, it will definitely be your strongest ally! When you get in the car, the switch is ON. !!

There are many GPS tracking apps (current position tracking function) on your smartphone. Even if it is installed without permission, there are many cases where the person does not notice it, which is the same as being monitored by someone at all times. A GPS radio blocker will protect your privacy from GPS tracking apps.

Smartphones can do quite a lot of things, which is convenient, but a GPS app that was set up without knowing it is a pretty bad person, and there is a possibility that personal privacy is leaked with other apps, so it is a normal mobile phone. I hear that some people return to (calla).

How to cut off GPS radio waves from commercial vehicles ①: Satellite jammer
There is a method of using the item called satellite GPS jamming system/satellite jammer in order to block the GPS radio waves attached to the commercial vehicle. With such an item, it will be possible to block the GPS signals attached to business vehicles and company vehicles without being known to the company. Since it is a radio wave jammer, it can block not only GPS but also radio waves from mobile phones.

Method to cut off GPS radio waves of business vehicles ②: 8341HA-5
As a method of blocking the GPS radio waves of business vehicles, we also recommend carrying the item called GPS radio wave blocker 8341HA-5 with you. This item is an item that can cut off all GPS phones with one touch, so anyone can easily cut off radio waves even if any type of GPS is attached to business vehicles or company cars. Let’s

buy signal jamming device

Since it can be easily turned on and off, it seems that GPS is in bad condition by chance.

It’s easy to use just by turning on the interference device, so if you want to shut off the GPS signal, you can receive it when you want to block it now, so you will not be suspicious. If you turn it on or off, you’ll probably find that your GPS isn’t working.
This method is also recommended in order to block the GPS signal from commercial vehicles.

If this mobile phone deterrent device is installed, the mobile phone etc. will be out of range and you will not be able to make or receive calls.

Nowadays, there is a movement to apply this device to prevent wire fraud. In wire fraud, it is also common for criminals to guide victims to ATMs. The criminal gives instructions to the victim through a mobile phone and tricks the cash by operating the ATM remotely. Therefore, there is a high possibility that a call disturbance around the ATM will lead to the prevention of crime.

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