Principle, characteristics, problem summary of mobile phone communication jammer

▼ Mobile phone communication interference principle:

● Mobile phone communication principle: A mobile phone and a base station are connected via radio waves within a certain frequency range, and data and voice can be transmitted with a certain baud rate (bps) and modulation means.

● Cell phone jammer principle:

Blocking the reception of control signals from GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/3G mobile phone base stations, the mobile phone and base station cannot be connected normally, and the terminal goes out of range. thing. It is said that something temporarily happens such that you cannot make or receive calls.

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▼ Functional features of mobile communication suppression device:

● It is blocked only by the signal from the mobile phone, and other electronic equipment is not affected.

● It will be blocked only by the mobile signal at the test site, and the outside will not be affected.

● Only the downlink frequency from the base station is blocked, the uplink frequency is not affected.

●No harm to green and human body.

●Easy to operate, the antenna will be assembled correctly, it will work automatically when the power is connected.

▼ Mobile phone jamming Some problems:

1. Why is the actual blocking range of the mobile phone jammer different from the instructions?

Answer: The jammer’s interception range is related to the field’s electromagnetic field and also its distance from the base station. Generally, anything other than 200 meters will get the best effect.

2. Does GPS jamming have radiation or is it harmful to the human body?

Answer: Regarding radiation, all electronic products have radiation. Mobile phones, which are indispensable for daily life, also have radiation. However, since the radiation of mobile phone jammers is less than that, isn’t it really harmful to the human body?

▼ Also, recommended time for Wifi jammer to everyone

Product name: Mobile phone jammer with Wi-Fi function

Blocking radio waves: Wi-Fi, GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS, 3G

Breaking distance: 5-15m

Charging method

It is a power supply type from an outlet, and also has a cigar adapter for the inside of the car

URL: Portable 8341HA-4 Wi-Fi jammer

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