Jammers can prevent the transmission of negative emotions

The humming and noise of the phone in public places could cause negative emotions in others, this behavior is outrageous, especially in theaters, cinemas, restaurants, concert halls and speeches, etc. In order to avoid such a loud voice, a local GPS jammer installed at these locations, in particular 2G 3G 4G, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, LoJack jammer, is blocked.

adjustable gps jamming device

Speech is important to show whenever speakers hope to achieve their goals through individual performances. No one likes his speech brutally interrupted by some viewers of the phone, then he felt neglected and disrespectful – and sometimes beat your man is not your competitors, but the vandals. You are these attacked vandals, and worse still, the behavior seems to be understood and appreciated … it really starts, becoming a normal trend, it was to make a speech to the public, there is always a chance that they will suddenly drop out of other phones.

Therefore, we recommend that you install phone jammer before speaking. The equipment can be up to 10 meters, must calculate the area of ​​the place, the device if the number of cell phone jammers. 10 antennas are switched to different interference objectives, as we mentioned in the first paragraph, or we can make them all work. This means that almost the phone can ring and work there (cannot receive and receive phone calls and text), you can use the source Wi-Fi signal, data can be transmitted via Bluetooth, no GPS signal and LoJack, no follow-up. In short, no mobile device can run speech, they can focus on performance and avoid interruptions.

In order to avoid loud noises in the voice telephone, you can better use the jammers.

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