Take advantage of the use of portable phone Bluetooth WiFi 3G 4G mobile phone Jammer

Click on the hidden device style Bluetooth WiFi 3G 4G phone jammer. The interference range of the handset is up to 20m with CDMA / GSM: 851-960MHz, DCS / PCS: 1805-1990MHz, 3G: 2110 – 2170MHz, 4G LTE: 725-770MHz, 4G Wimax: 2345-2400MHz or 2620-2690MHz and WiFi: Full 2400-2500 MHz frequency band based on standard requirements.

Advanced hidden style wifi jammer Bluetooth 3G 4G mobile phone Jammer with selectable buttons

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Life is like a long journey since there is no destination in our life. Life is also very fickle, since anything can happen in our life. We can be successful or defeated at any time. We may like it a lot at first and may not like it later. Take the mobile phone handheld locker, for example if you need such a lock kit to avoid unnecessary calls to a mobile phone, you will like it very much and need it directly, of course if you need to use your mobile phones normally, you will activate it . right away, it’s the choice. Actually, there is nothing good or bad about everything in the world, it all depends on your mind and how to use them. From now on, the legal use of mobile phone signal blocker starts from here www.jammer-mart.com and you will get the best interference kit with best design and function.

With a high-quality and well-designed cooling system with integrated cooling fans, the device can operate 24/7 without continuous interruptions. It is built with a robust shockproof and portable casing for easy use and increased durability. Each band of the portable signal blocker is controlled separately, so you can block the frequency you need, which will improve the blocking efficiency in case of possible uncertain factor such as distance, obstacles between them and the like.

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