What are the main applications of anti-UAV systems

According to its product manual, the anti-UAV system allegedly uses signal jammer on 2.4 and 5.8 GHz frequencies. It also has technology that can block GPS and the Russian equivalent of GLONASS.

By the end of 2017, the long-range automatic anti-UAV system provided by Shenzhou Mingda can provide the detection range of a small drone like the DJI phantom, up to 5 kilometers, 360-degree panoramic coverage, no blind spots and visual tracking capabilities. Identify and eliminate drones up to 2 kilometers away. The system is composed of advanced military radar, advanced long-range EO/IR visible and thermal infrared day and night PTZ surveillance camera system and powerful broad-spectrum RF and GPS signal jammer. . This automated system will provide 24/7 detection, tracking and elimination of drones/unmanned aerial vehicles, with the option of static jammers for permanent installation, making it a high level of mobile, perimeter security, activities, airports, and rural and urban security Ideal choice for value goals. Threats up to 10 kilometers in diameter.

drone signal blocker

There are many systems that can be used to land willful or dangerous drones, but they often have a big gain: you need to be relatively close to the drone, which can be scary if the robot plane is loading explosives. It is launching a drone strike gun, a jammer that can disable drone signals (including GPS and GLONASS positioning) from 1.2 miles away. Like most competitors, it will not destroy the target drone-it simply forces the vehicle to land or return to its starting point. Anti-drone teams can not only disable threats from a safe distance, they can also locate their pilots.

The authorities have now begun field tests of their new anti-drone “gun”, which can shoot down any unpopular drone. The police used a new drone jammer in a recent large football match. Any drones that intrude into the competition venue are banned and forced to land via the signal interference capability of the system.

According to reports, the new jamming system is able to capture the target from a kilometer away, which gives it enough range to eliminate the incoming air threat before it arrives. The authorities are taking these types of threats seriously, which is why they may buy more units for different police agencies in the country.

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