China’s self-developed UAV jammer looks strange like a chainsaw

The first is discovery. Almost all current large-scale advanced drones use stealth design, which makes it difficult to discover their whereabouts. At this time, the long-wave radar is used. The current stealth drones are mainly effective for centimeter-wave radars, but for long-wave radars, drones are almost impossible to stealth. Long-wave radar can provide early warning and azimuth indication for stealth drones, laying the foundation for subsequent strategy development.

The second is interference. Utilizing ultra-high-power drone jammer to transmit strong electronic waves to the UAV, blinding the UAV’s radar, cutting off the “umbilical cord” connection between the UAV and the space-based satellite and parent base, making it unable to receive remote control instruction. * Is to take over. When the UAV’s accusation command is interfered by strong electronic waves, it will retransmit a fake GPS parameter to the UAV to make it fly according to the path desired by the trapper, and finally control it to land smoothly to the designated location.

drone jammer gun high power

However, the theory is so, but in fact, because the enemy UAV also has information encryption and anti-interference methods, it is not easy to operate. All military powers are sparing no effort to develop technologies that can “trap” drones. For example, Russia’s “automobile field” is one of the few electronic countermeasure systems that can “trap” advanced drones. It consists of dozens of vehicles, loaded with radar, electronic jamming equipment, and ground command equipment, which can easily penetrate The enemy’s electronic jamming waves and avionics resistance.

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