Jammer-mart successfully completed the delivery of the UAV defense system at Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport!

On November 24th, our company tested the UAV defense system-portable for Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport and completed the delivery.

The national low-altitude airspace is gradually opening up, and the application of drones is becoming more and more widespread, but the uncontrollable risks from drones are gradually increasing. In the field of civil aviation, the airport encounters drone interference and causes flight alternates and passenger detention. occur. Since 2017, there have been nearly 40 drone disturbance incidents across the country.

In response to “black flight”, although the country has issued a series of drone supervision systems, there are always some “spoken people” who challenge national authority, threaten public safety and personal privacy, and even endanger national security.

Facing the technical difficulties of countering “low, slow and small” targets, effective control of drones still has to rely on professional drone jammer. Anze’s drone jamming gun solves this pain point for you.

drone signal blocker

The jamming gun is small in size and light in weight. By interfering with the UAV’s data link and positioning system, it cuts off the communication and navigation between the UAV and the remote control, thereby forcing the UAV to automatically land or drive it away for prevention and control Civil and military drones with counterattack.

Every time a product is delivered, we will repeatedly debug. We use our dedicated attitude and professional technology to provide customers with perfect solutions for drone attacks and customized low-altitude support services.

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