Whether the signal shielding device can shield all communication signals

Nowadays, the emergence of shielding device has solved many hidden dangers of disrupting the order in the examination room, so that candidates can take the exam in a fair environment. The principle of this kind of test signal jammer is actually to block the communication signal of the mobile phone by isolating the electronic signal, which can prevent the phenomenon of using the mobile phone to cheat.

smartphone signal blocker

Generally speaking, the effective range is within a radius of 0 to 30 meters. Generally, a low-power test signal jammer is enough to cover an entire classroom, which meets the needs of the test room for shielding signals, and is especially suitable for schools to purchase signals for the test room. shield.

Can the test signal jammer block all communication signals? Speaking of it, many people are unfamiliar with test signal jammers. In fact, it has been widely used in the college entrance examination examination room. In the college entrance examination last year, many examination rooms installed this kind of equipment and received it. Many good responses have been proven to have a good effect on preventing electronic signal cheating. Starting this year, it has been vigorously promoted to allow more examination rooms to install shields.

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