Jammer at university

Along with the advancement in technology, the cheating has also been high tech, the use of mobile phones, wireless headphones and bluetooth devices to get the answer. Many people even hid a transmitter in the examination room.

“The jammer will block the movement of the electronic device, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth operations. Once the body is finalized, the BPSC will be close to the center to clean to install the jammer,” an official said.

The interference operator must be responsible by the supplier concerned in order to avoid local tampering in the inspection center. The jammer effectively turns off the cell phone. They are transmitted at the same radio frequency as the mobile phone, thereby interrupting communication between the phone and the mobile phone’s base station in the tower.

Desktop 5g jammer

Although cell phones were banned in the exam hall, the last year of MBB students at a private university managed to cheat on recent exams using bluetooth devices and microphones. “We have installed mobile phone jammers in four exams to prevent cheating during exams. The education department has also been tasked with closely monitoring the flow of students and carefully examining suspects.” The dean said.

At Kyoto University in Japan.

Cell phone jammers have become the focus of interest after recent events of fraud at Kyoto University and four other prestigious university entrance exams.

This gsm jammer transmits radio signals in the 800 MHz band and serves as the main carrier frequency band for NTT DoCoMo and KDDI phones at. May also supply products for other groups.

Currently, the main business users of 4G Cell Phone Jammers are hospital, concert hall and movie theater operators, and some banks are also installing ATM equipment to prevent “minor” fraud (that’s me. , It’s me).

In the phone scam, criminals usually through the phone to guide the elderly to the fraudulent person’s temporary bank account, pretending to be relatives or acquaintances suddenly under financial strain. According to the merchant of mobile phone jammers, the university has now been added to the list of customers.

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