The type and working principle of signal shielding instrument

Recently, frequency jammers have appeared in the automotive and telephone markets. These small devices are used to encode and redirect the frequencies of the waves emitted by an electronic device, either in order not to interfere with certain professions or to serve less available destinations.

The different frequency jammers

There are different types of frequency jammer. More and more theaters and hospitals are using it. Frequency jammers prevent cell phones from receiving waves and receiving and making calls or messages. If this is a means of gaining artist respect for function rooms, it can be vital for hospitals as certain waves distort the results obtained with diagnostic or monitoring tools such as electrocardiograms.

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Some motorists also equip their vehicles with frequency jammers so that they are not detected by the police or gendarmerie if the speed limit is exceeded. This is prohibited by law and, if verified, could result in law enforcement and a hefty fine. Frequency jammers are also popular with car thieves, who thus interfere with the frequency of your remote shutdown. They think you have closed your doors and you don’t. The thief does not have to get into the vehicle until you have turned your back.

How do frequency jammers work?

A frequency jammer is not a device that takes up a lot of space because it fits in your hand. However, it is a technological tool. It’s inexpensive but not commercially available. The internet and the black market are the main suppliers of frequency jammers.

These pick up waves with an antenna and encrypt them, i.e. they make them illegible. Some frequency jammers have a long range, but the basic models don’t exceed 40 meters.

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