Surveillance technology is more advanced than you think

Spurred on by the well-known terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, modern surveillance has become an even more important method of protecting people from possible acts of terrorism or of eliminating acts of dissident. And there is no shortage of companies willing to provide the mechanism that can safely do these tasks.

Some of these tech companies have tools that allow governments to easily break into individuals’ phones and PCs, as well as powerful electronic eavesdropping devices that can be used to record all active Internet communications across the Wallstreet Journal. Those papers, more than 200 pages from 36 different organizations, were obtained by people who attended the secret security conference held last month.

Many of these technologies presented at the conference are related to monitoring large amounts of information. A company has selected tens of thousands of synchronous calls from landline and mobile networks or intercepted them en masse. The other describes how she helped the leading Chinese cellular operator monitor the Internet content and apps on the country’s cell phones in real time.

The annual retail market for surveillance tools has expanded from almost nothing in 2001 to a total of $ 35 billion this year, the Journal reported, citing information from TeleStrategies, the conference operator. Organizations operating in this sector argue that their goods are designed to catch criminals and are only made for sale to government and law enforcement agencies.

Still, some international companies are finding that their recent business activity has given them unwanted attention. Cisco Systems is feeling the nasty aftermath of the lawsuit filed earlier this year that accused the tech company of providing and supporting a huge surveillance system that enabled Chinese authorities to easily track and censor all internet activity of a spiritual group . Cisco officials denied all charges, claiming that Cisco sells the same legal equipment in China that it sells in other countries around the world in compliance with US government regulations and laws.

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As you can see, if Cisco sells the same equipment around the world, US citizens may face the same risk as Chinese people. In fact we already are. So protect yourself by using wireless wifi jammer and make sure that nobody is watching you. And of course your comments are welcome here!

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