Jammer VS Bugs Who Will Win?

We have recently been able to read in all the newspapers about the scandal now called “Mafia Roma Capitale“. Mostly, some intrepid journalist wanted to venture, probably because he had been lucky enough to read some minutes, or who knows what “tip”, on the use by the alleged criminal organization, of appearing “jammers” and cards in the name of third parties , in order to divert the investigation.

Both the first, the so-called wireless jammer, are addressed as NOT working, for the diversion of investigations carried out by the authorities in charge. We obviously have no “paper” in hand, just as we have no “tip”, so we limit ourselves, as far as it can be reliable, to answer the question of greatest interest; how was it possible to intercept the subjects even when they had the jammer on?

gps wifi cell phone jammers

The answer is simpler and more obvious than you might think, already visiting and reading our previous news, specifically “Which Jammer to choose”, you can give an answer to everything, but we would like to clarify again, below we explain in detail:

To be able to secure an environment, it is NECESSARY TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE JAMMER and more.

The frequencies used by the signal are wide, there is NO portable signal jammer in the world capable of canceling them all. Conceptually, it is a bit like having a room with a hypothetical number of 10 doors, closing 1 or 2 does not preclude the opening of the remaining ones.

The pocket jammers, let’s talk about the best, inhibit the frequencies of cell phones and at most the 2.4GHz WiFi network or GPS. They leave the “doors” open for all VHF – UHF radio bugs, or perhaps high radio frequency bugs and why not, directional laser pointing or more simply bugs with direct recording to MicroSD, which, the latter two, cannot be inhibited with no jammer!

Moral of the story, the device purchased could NOT be sufficient to make a safe environment.
In order to make a safe environment, at least it must cover ALL VHF UHF frequencies, cell phones, high radios and other equipment such as white noise generators aimed at protecting conversations from any recorders and / or directional. This is the only technical explanation, the rest is just chatter from bars or the writings of “newsagents” paid for by third parties.

As in any survey, most of the wiretaps carried out are by telephone. The cards, even in the name of third parties, are NOT safe. There are various methods to be able to intercept them and charge the end user. The only secure systems are encrypted mobile phones, where conversations can NOT be listened to and neither appear on any printout.

This is not intended to be a “guide to the criminal”, but it seems more than appropriate to clarify and tell the truth about the facts.

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